Bass Guitar Lessons For Free!… What?

Yeah that’s right… Online bass Lessons for free! ‘Scott’s Bass Lessons’ is one of the best and fastest growing educational resources for bass players on the web today. Scott has helped over 3.5 million bass players on Youtube, and right now there are over 30,000 ‘phat-stringers’ subscribed to Scotts newsletter!… And… it’s completely free!

ScottsBassLessons is a rapidly growing library of high quality HD video bass lessons that have been meticulously constructed, planned out and recorded. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or advanced bass player, you will find highly informative tutorials, that will give you hours of things to watch and… months of things to practice!

In a nutshell ScottsBassLessons will inspire you, break concepts down into easily digestible steps and in turn give you the drive and direction to take your playing to the next level and beyond! 

A little bit about me…

Hi, my name is Scott Devine and yes, as you’ve probably already guessed, I’m a bass player. I’d like to welcome you to ‘Scott’s Bass Lessons’, tell you a little bit about what I’m about and what you can get from this exciting website.

I’ve been a professional bass player for over fifteen years and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world doing so. I’ve, performed, recorded, shared taxis, vans and planes with players such as Georgie Fame, Martin Simpson, Dennis Rollins, The Drifters, The Four Tops, The Nolans, Peter Grant, Marisa Tuner (Prince, Chaka Kahn), Spyro Gyra, Ogie Alcasid and Vina Morales. Alongside my duties as a musical director and bass player I am also passionate about education, and have taught at several Universities within the UK.

I’ve heard so many musical concepts and theories being explained in such over-complicated ways that things start to sound like math not music! I believe there is a simple, easily explainable, understandable path to all things musical. This free ‘educational hub’ for bass players of all levels is a way of me sharing my theories, concepts, practice tools and much more, so you can gain direction, encouragement and most of all be inspired to put in the work it takes.

Here’s some testimonials from some of the best players in the world…

Scott’s site is a treasure trove of online bass lessons and bass related information. Even better than that, it’s the right information!” – Chris Tarry (John Scofield, Ben Monder, Adam Rogers)

Scott has provided bassists with a really valuable resource, full of great information and the type of common sense and practical advice that can only come from years of experience.” – Ronan Guilfoyle (Dave Liebman, Kenny Werner, Joe Lovano)

Scott, nice website!” – Lincoln Goines (Mike Stern, Sonny Rollins, Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Wayne Krantz, Michel Camilo)

And… What’s with those weird gloves?!

Ok, I get asked this a lot… why do you wear gloves while you play?

Unfortunately in 2009 I was diagnosed with a disease called Focal Dystonia. This disease is a neurological condition that affects a muscle or group of muscles in a part of the body and causes involuntary muscular contractions or twisting due to misfiring neurons in the brain. Unfortunately my hands were affected by this condition and by late 2009 I could barely play a major scale. I was then told by a top neurologist that I would have to retrain as my life as a performing musician was over.

As you can see… I’m still playing and performing! How…

I took a few months off and in that time researched many different methods of treatment. This took me all over europe seeing different doctors but unfortunately each different treatment seemed to make my condition worse rather than better. By chance one of the doctors mentioned a violinist who had the same condition but managed to play by wearing latex gloves. The gloves act as a sensory trick. Luckily, after I tried wearing latex gloves I could feel there was a definite change within my hands while playing, the problem was the latex would stick to the strings. I had seen Ettiene Mbappe (a great French bass player) wearing tight silk gloves while he played due to his acidic sweat rotting his strings so decided to give those a try.

Do I still have the condition?

Yes, I still suffer from Focal Dystonia on a day to day basis and unfortunately as yet there seems to be no cure for a lot of sufferers out there. But, I feel so lucky that I have found a way to keep playing even if the condition may worsen at anytime. Strangely, it was the Focal Dystonia that drove me to start this educational resource. I figured… if the day comes where I can’t perform, I can still pass on all the information I have learned through my years of studying and performing.

So on that note, pick up your bass and get in the shed ;-)