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Top 10 Badass Bass Riffs – The Funk Edition

I thought it'd be fun kick off 2018 with my top 10 ultimate bass riffs... and, I've thrown in the workbook and backing tracks for you too, which you can download below! if you're into funk, disco, groove or simply just good old bad-ass bass lines... this weeks video is for you.

Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, The Jacksons, The Trammps, Patte LaBelle... they're all in there, and more!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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  • hans-helmut sohl

    your right, scott. great bs-licks … thanks for posting them.

  • miagear

    Scott, What happened to the silver Xodic P you were digging so much?

  • Ad van Oyen

    Born in 1960 (man, is there actually a 19 in your date of birth? Your old :-) the seventies are my musical era. So I absolutly love and adore this video. And with workbook and backingtracks? Who could ask for more. Thanks Scott, you nailed it again!

  • Geoffrey Bryan

    On “I Wish” it’s very likely Nathan Watts had his bass tuned down to Eb.