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Awesome Funk Groove Breakdown (L#94)

In this lesson I'm going to show you a really cool technique that you can apply to any groove you want to create. Essentially we're going to be using the 'wrong' notes within our groove, but because of the way we're going to use them... they'll sound right. In fact, they'll sound awesome!

Now... grab your bass. It's time to get in the shed!

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  • gilles

    Once again, plenty of work……. Great lesson, thank you so much

  • Harm Muurling

    Top show!
    All your previous videos about arpeggios, double stops, ghost notes etc really come together in this groove. This type of thing is exactly what I’m working towards. I thank you, Sir.

  • Tony

    Great lesson! I can’t get to the tab/notation though. I click the link above, it takes me to the SBL Insider pro dashboard (I’m logged in as a member). Can’t see the notation. If I go to the Lesson Libarary and click the link for “Awesome Funk Groove Breakdown”… it brings me back here. (This is a general thing with SBL – content is GREAT, navigation and finding what I want is REALLY hard)

    • Tony

      Found it! I am dim.

  • Thomas Niblack

    Brilliant bro!! Thanks again!!

  • viktor

    great lesson i can do thet

  • Andrew

    Love this groove, thanks very much!

  • Larry H

    Just signed up and enjoying the approach to picking up new riffs and ideas. Just an FYI regarding today’s lesson and the dead notes. I’ve done that out of habit for many years playing live but those dead notes don’t record well,too much popping sounds, and have to force myself not to play them. How about you?

  • juanduartejuan

    Hi Scott, thanks for the great lesson. Do you know if somebody translate your lessons to spanish? Because Im loose some parts of them. thank you again

  • Igor Kuchna

    Great one. Scott you said in one of your videos how to sound more mature on bass. This lick does it when you lock it in a drum pattern. Marvellous. Plus I finally learnt this percussive slap ghost pattern, used everywhere by bassists that want to add some snaredrum beat to their playing. Couldn’t figure it out elsewhere.
    PS How many times do you learn something totally different than the subject of the lesson you’re watching? :D

  • Malcolm R

    Hi Scott, another great lesson out of the blue,please keep them coming, you are making my playing sound good and I’m being noticed many many thanks

  • Harry Marcial

    Thank you now and again great lesson !

  • aribah

    its wow! thank you scott

  • Mike P.

    Scott, all I can say is Thank You! This lesson along with all the others are just awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the rest of us. These lessons are starting to transform my playing. Now, I just have to build in the time to practice everything I’ve learned so far to use. Thanks again and I pray that God continues to bless you.

  • Tamás Turi

    Cool stuff. I love the fine accents. However the ghosts are really hard for me. I’m gonna try to exercise them about 20 BPM! :)

  • Christopher Dowling

    Many thanks to you for all your hard work and encouragement to make it easier for me to realise my goal as a better bass player. My fellow band mates will offer their thanks soon enough, I’m sure, as the funk becomes more focused, and much more besides :0)

  • Harrison Barritt

    Finally learned this one, and it’s great. I’m going to try your workbook approach and try to create my own groove in another key. Thanks Scott.

  • Tom Lilienthal

    Yet another great lesson, Scott! Keep up the great work!