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Funky Bass Groove #1 in C7 (L#66)

Hey funk bass lovers!

In this new funk bass lesson, I'm completely deconstructing a great groove and showing you why it 'works' on a C7 chord (C dominant 7), but the same applies for any dominant chord, of course.

First, remember the arpeggio on a dominant chord is: root-major 3rd-5th-flat 7th.

Second, make sure you lock in with the bass drum when you get the notes right.

Also, I play a lot of dead notes in that groove but don't worry too much about that in the beginning: first concentrate on getting the notes right, then lock in with the drums and you can add the dead notes afterwards --unless you're really comfortable with them.

Btw, if you're not comfortable with playing dead notes --also called 'ghost notes', I've made two bass lessons on the subject:

I guess I'm saying that all the time but… make sure you work on small sections and get them right before you put them all together, rather than trying to play the whole groove too early… and badly.

Oooh, and most importantly: have fun!

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    Without a doubt my most favorite so far. But then again I’ve probably only seen 32% of your lessons.

    The thing I’m digging is the whole deconstruction and rebuild. The breakdown so we can see the building blocks. The use of the arpeggios and how you’re using them to create the bass line, as well as the little chromatic slides and other techniques.

    Thank you, Scott.

  • Hey Scott! Incredible website! What a resource! I’m inspired to do something similar. Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve ever delved into slap bass? If so, a lesson on that would be awesome. If you haven’t, these are some of the guys who I studied to get to where I’m at today: Most importantly, Victor Wooten Larry Graham MarloweDK and Louis Johnson

    Not a huge fan of Louis Johnson’s technique, but man he is funky! Great Lessons Scott. Cheers from the USA!

    • scott

      Slap lessons on there way!;)

  • G-rom

    1st comment even if I a big fan and watch all your video the second I see the announcement mail !

    I love this video, all the explanation around how a line is structured is gold ! I’m so looking forward for more video like this one ;)

  • kim searcy

    Great lesson Scott! Thanks.

  • Robert Davis

    Hey Scott, great lesson. I would, however, appreciate it even more if your videos showed your right hand more.

    • scott

      Hey Robert – Yeah I’ll make sure to get more of the right hand in the next ones. Glad you’re enjoying the lessons man!

  • Francis

    Hey Scott!

    Great lesson –and mega new intro! ;)

    Concerning the dead notes, I find it easier to play them on the same string –here the D string, by just releasing the pressure of the plucking hand. Well… that’s what comes naturally to me. Any downside except that, of course, the pitch of the dead notes is higher?

    • scott

      Yowza! ;) Glad you like the intro matey! The dead notes… yeah you can play them on the D string too. In fact sometimes I’d do that, but in this case I wanted a little bit of a deeper tone. I also find that if the dead/ghost notes are played on the same string as the fingered notes they’re sometimes not as pronounced as if they were played on a separate string. But – as always it depends what you’re trying to achieve at that specific moment. Over and out ;) S

  • yuda ken

    thanks for the lesson!!!

    damn i love indonesia!!!

  • Rob

    Great stuff Scott. I’m coming on slowly but I’m gettin there with you thanks. If I can be cheeky…. a bit more show on your right hand and dead notes please.

  • Hey Scott, your lessons has inspired me to keep on going with my bass playing, I have been taken for money by so call bass teachers and now I am trying to do it on my own or teach myself because I can’t afford another teacher and im afraid the same thing might happen again. So thanks once again for inspiring me to get back at it, I am 59 years old and I love the bass and your lesson just made my day.I look forward to more lessons. your Friend from the USA. Jeff

  • Louis

    Thanks for the groove Scott…would have been nice to see your right hand as well

  • JUST AMAZING Superb way to explain bass stuff, easy to understand and to replicate even for a beginner like me!! IMHO best bass lessons on the web! Thank you so much Scott!

  • John T. Foley

    This is cool. I have it stuck in my head.

  • Mr BassLIne!!! thanks a lot, with you i’m learnig a lot! many many thanks!

  • Malheirosm

    Hey Scott,

    Amazing groove! Amazing class! Great breakdown approach…

    Minor request: please position the camera in a way that we can see your right hand as well… :)


    • scott

      No worries man – I’ll make sure I do ;) Thanks for tuning in! S

    • Yes, I agree. I was wondering which finger of the RH is playing the ghost notes on the A string. I’ve tried it a variety of ways, but I’d like to know what you are doing. Great lesson—thanks!

  • Mike

    Such a good teacher. Might try this in different keys… Famous last words!

  • db

    Hi Scott, Just got lucky and came upon your website. Cant get enough of the Fantastic lessons!!

    I’m from a very small British Overseas Territory called the Turks and Caicos Islands, no one on your level here who teaches and I don’t get to travel for lessons so I’m going to be your number one student.

    I’m in my 50’s and I’ve been a hobby bassist most of my life but now I want to settle into the music business as there is a demand for good musicians at the hotels and clubs on the island so I need to improve my technique and get some chops in al the music styles under my belt.

    I Love your style of playing and really like the way you break it down. The Grooves!! Man the grooves are funky and can early be applied to tunes I play. Thank Scott!

    By the way, enlighten me on the gloves.


  • db

    Ah ha, understand the gloves after exploring the site. db

  • db

    Ah ha, understand about them after exploring the site. db

  • 456sixstringbass

    man thanks for knowledge………..who knew that the groove was that cool

  • great lessons scott you can definately grove.but have you got any thing for guy’s like myself that do country music you can still grove with 2 in barr and the odd walking bassline.cheers scott.

  • vibert chinnappadu

    thank you Scott you make my life so easy with your bass lessons teaching


  • Mike

    Scott, wow! really digging your site, your story is inspirational and your teaching style is great. This C7 funk groove is kicking my butt though I have to say that when I first heard it I was sure that I was not gonna be able to play past the first part. But with a little perseverance and your great teaching style I’m about 90% there and this in only 2 consecutive days of practice. Keep up the good work!

  • Jim

    I just found your videos on YouTube. I enjoy them and learn a lot. I play a lot with my church choir. We play shout music and funk. I have been playing for more than 30 years. I minor in music in college and received a degree. I am still taking lessons today. You videos are very easy to learn. Look forward to keep receiving more lessons .

  • Jim

    Great lessons!!!

  • Harvey

    wicked groove

  • paul

    Snow bound in Leeds, so just getting stuck into this, great groove.

  • David B.


    I take weekly lessons. Approaching 50 but hoping old dogs can learn new tricks. Your lessons and tabs are fantastic together with in person lessons. Please keep up the great work. I was more than happy to donate $20 as well.

    … back to the shed!

  • Mohamed

    Greetings from Lebanon!
    Your site has been incredibly helpful to me.Just wanted to say thank you.I don’t think anyone ever explained stuff like this or the creation of walking bass lines ( MORE of that PLZ) as simply and enjoyable as you are doing.(Not on the web at least)
    I cant really use paypal in my country so i’m sticking with that as an excuse for not making a donation ;)

    Ps:I read about the disease you have and why you wear gloves , good luck with that.But i must say the gloves look sweet.

  • Kevin

    Your lessons have made my fingers hurt for the first time in years. Cheers!

  • Ghandimaster

    Hello Scott. I know you are more Jazzy but please make more Funk grroves like this!

  • Late

    Hi Scot. Great lesson! I’d like to know what setting your amplifier’s on. I just can’t get the same sound. I’d allsow like to know do you use any pedals etc to change the sound. :)

  • Paulina

    very cool lesson..cant stop practicing :)

  • Abhk

    Hey Scott, ure awesome. Thanks for lessons. Hey I can’t download the backing track, may I know where n how can I. Thanks