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Funky Bass Groove #2 in G7 (L#67)

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I got such a great feedback following the 'Funky Bass Groove in C7' lesson that I decided to make another one, this time on a G7 chord, for a change.

This time we're gonna be grooving and creating a bass line on top of a good old Hammond organ --or 'underneath', rather.

Like in the previous lesson, I'm 'deconstructing' the groove so you can see -- or rather hear all the workings and learn the whole groove section by section. Some parts may take a while to get under your fingers, so practice slowly and get it right before you play them at 'full speed'.

One of the things that make this groove a bit special is that I'm not starting on the root note (here G), but on the flat 7th. When used appropriately, starting on another note than the root note can sound great, provided you respect the harmony, of course.


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  • Oliver

    Nice stuff more of it:-)

  • kurth

    Hey Scott

    I really love this groove, its wicked.

  • Marcelo

    Just awesome!!! And this time we can check the ight hand as well… :)

    As a suggestion fo another video… how to execise dead notes… it was cool in the last funk video but I am still stuggling with that…


  • Mike

    First thing I noticed was that was that the first noticed was indeed the F. And just as I was writing this you made the point. That was a light-bulb moment. Thank you Scott.

    • Mike

      Writing at an awkward angle, while I’m lying in a bath…. Anyway, you know what I mean! Cheers.

  • AJ

    Im new on the bass…I love this thanks scott…

  • Davebass22

    Great lesson but I really like it when you describe the notes as root. Flat 5 3rd etc it helped play in other keys
    That riff at 18:50 ans 19:05 sounds so much better when you do it. What are the dynamics behind it?

  • joebass

    Hi Scott, your lessons are fantastic. 20+ years bassist here trying to un-learn lazy technique to expand my playing.

    One problem I’ve got is I’ve never developed the use of the third finger on my left hand, so the hammer-on pull-off technique you’re playing at around 10 mins in the video is proving difficult. Any tips on improving independence and strength in this finger would be very gratefully received.

    Cheers buddy & keep on keeping on!

  • flo

    great stuff!

  • Hi Scott, SOOO FUNKEEE! Love it mate. Please tell me the hammond backing track is available.
    Many thanks, James ( bass disciple)

  • Phil G

    Hi Scott
    Why do you say this is most important bass lesson you ever teach? I’m still a beginner so consider some of the licks on this vid hard anyway. Also do you have to be logged in or something to download the tab or backing tracks as I can’t see any links.

  • James Peterson

    Scott, I found out about you thru YouTube and that was a stellar moment for me. I’ve learned so much and one of the big bad habits I was in was trying to always learn the whole lick at once. Your teaching is to break it down and this has worked so well. I used to think I wasn’t competent because I couldn’t catch the whole lick at once. I now break these things down and eork them out on the metronome to insure the timing before I move on. Thanks!!

  • arjun ramdas

    Such a brilliant groove! :D
    Keep up the awesome teaching and playing! :D

    Cheers :D

  • rod

    scott what type of glove do you wear and why, what does it protect you from or enable you to do


  • José Luis

    Hi Scott,

    A brilliant lesson again! It is really useful the way you teach! Could share the back track? I practice the basseline using the metronome but you know, is better following a real drum and the chords playing by the synth…

    Thanks again mate!

  • Dusan Baralic

    Hello, Scott, I found out about your cool site 7 days ago. It’s absolutely awesome and you’re an awesome teacher.
    Few words about myself: I am 33 years old and I consider myself advanced bass player technique wise, but I lack inspiration and musical knowledge to improve. That’s the main reason I even stopped playing bass after more than 10 years of playing.
    Well, that was before I learned about you. Not only that I can learn a lot from your videos but I also find your approach inspirational and, to tell you the truth, it got me back to practicing again, and I am enjoying it. Tnx a lot, mate.
    P.S. Please, make more videos featuring your awesome funky grooves. :)

    Love and respect!

  • G P

    what kind of unit can I buy to get a good bass sound from my B3?