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How to play epic gospel bass fills…


Ok… let’s talk GOSPEL CHOPS!

We’ve all heard epic gospel players such as Sharay Reed, Justin Raines and Fred Hammond tearing it up with those crazy sounding gospel bass fills…

And let’s get it straight… we ALL want to get those into our playing, right?! ;)

Well, in this lesson I’m going to show you: 

  • How to work those gospel style bass fills into your playing
  • 2 scales you can use to achieve that gospel sound
  • And an AWESOME exercise that will enable you to get your hammer-ons and pull-offs together (this is a big deal for getting the correct feel within your gospel style bass fills)

Ok… question for you guys…

Who are your favourite gospel bass players… and what albums with them playing on should I check out? As you can imagine… I’m a TOTAL bass nerd and love finding out about what and who you guys are listening too… make sure you let me know by leaving a comment below the video!

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

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  • nupeeng

    Scott, one of my favorites is Darrell Freeman. Check him out on Marvin Sapp’s Strong Tower on the Be Exalted album. Israel Houghton wrote the song. Awesome.

  • Lynch1

    I’m having trouble with this but blame it on Atheism.

  • Scot Vessell

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this lesson from you, Scott. And because no gigs tonight… I’m in my pyjamas!😄

  • Sheldon Holder

    Thanks Scott. Great lesson! Here is an old Commissioned song, “Victory.” (The group Fred Hammond played in and founded before he went solo). There is a great bass solo/lick to start and great bass throughout!!

  • Harrison

    Scott, perfect exercise. And perfect timing for me. Just joined a gospel band and the choir is smoking. The Pastor picks amazing songs and I’ve developed an instant respect and appreciation for this music. One tune we’re doing is How Much Can You Bear. I looked up the bass player and found him teaching. Check out this dude:

  • Harrison

    I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t heard this, it’s worth it.

  • bjorn_a_bengtsson

    Kirk Franklin’s bass player is phenomenal.