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How to STOP playing the SAME OLD $?@T

If you're anything like me every now and again you start driving yourself CRAZY... because you just keep playing the same old stuff over and over... and over... and overrrrr...

Every time you pick up your bass, you fall back into the same old patterns and licks...

In this lesson I wanna share a SUPER cool technique to help you get out of that rut and open up a heap of new possibilities the next time you pick up your bass.

... and the weird thing... you don't need your bass to do this!?

Ready, let's do this!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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  • Mike Lorenzo

    Very cool approach to getting out of a rut. I have a technique that I use which I’d like to pass along which I’ve used in art design as well. Briefly it goes like this. I simply start playing random notes in random sensible rhythmic patterns over and over and refine till they make sense. I am not thinking patterns or scales or anything, just sounds, tones and percussive groves. In art I start with a random line and add another that compliments the first and keep adding till I have a harmonious image, abstract or otherwise. I don’t know if this makes sense with this brief description , but it enables new stuff to materialize without over thinking. Thanks to you Scott and Jonathan for your always great workshops.