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“How to Adjust Your Bass Intonation” – Understanding Your Bass with Chris May (L#225)


Understanding how a basses intonation works and how to correctly adjust it yourself is a vital skill for any bass player...

Without it, your bass will be out of tune... with itself!

In this lesson I sit down with the master luthier Chris May of Overwater Basses so he can show you exactly what intonation is, and the do's and don'ts of adjusting it yourself.

Knowing this simple skill will save you hundreds of dollars over the years - so take the time to soak this up and learn from one of the best!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

  • Philip

    Is it me or did Chris not tell us how to actually adjust the intonation?

    • alex alexanderman123

      no its not just you. they may have explained this in the academy course

    • Stefen

      Yeah – The title is
      “How to Adjust Your Bass Intonation” – Understanding Your Bass with Chris May (L#225)”
      and they didn’t do that.
      Links to related intonation adjustment videos on Scott’s site in the info blurb below the video would be helpful.

  • Garry

    A video on intonation and you never actually show how to adjust it or explain which way to move the saddles if your intonation is out????

  • Dan

    Some unanswered questions.
    How do you know the fret scale of a fretted finger board.
    Intonation is a wave length.
    Matching the curve of the finger board.
    The higher the action, the higher the note will be when compressed to the finger board.

    • Ian Lewis

      1. Measure the distance from the bridge saddle to the nut (in inches).
      2. ??
      3. Good to do, but doesn’t affect intonation
      4. not if your intonation is correctly set

  • Mauro Caputi

    Perhaps go back to “The Essential Bass Maintenance & Set-Up Guide” course

    and at 1:07:29 Chris actually starts the intonation setup procedure and at 1:09:11 begins to adjust the bridge saddles.

  • Ian Lewis

    For how to assess and adjust your intonation, see (Warwick Bass) or (Fender Bass)