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Master the ENTIRE fingerboard with just ONE SCALE

If I was to tell you that there's ONE scale you can use to play over major chords... minor chords... half diminished chords... get bluesy sounds from... and WAY more... I'm guessing you'd think it's impossible, right?... just ONE scale?!

The good news is... it's absolutely possible!

There is ONE simple scale (that you most likely already know to a certain extent!) that you can use over multiple chords... the gag is, you probably just don't know to do it yet.

This is "The Godfather" of scales!

In this lesson you're going to learn:

  • What the NUMBER 1, most important scale is that you should be focusing on right now
  • How to apply that one scale over multiple chords - without even changing the pattern
  • How to learn this scale over the ENTIRE fingerboard with just 3 patterns
  • And WAY more...

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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  • protean polymath

    A most excellent lesson! Thank you!

  • Mike Lorenzo

    Once I get past the frightening look I’ll be good.

  • Jarle Andre Bjortjønnli

    Wow! Great lesson:-)