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The Jazz Bass Vs P Bass Thing…?

The Jazz bass vs Precision bass thing is a question that comes up regularly simply from the fact that they are two of the longest standing bass guitar designs there are.

The gag is... when you look into it, the sound of these instruments are actually very different... so for me there is an underlying question of, should there even be a J bass vs P bass thing?

Check out the video... lemme know your thoughts in the comments!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

  • Ted

    Love it: Sadowsky NYC 5 vs. a MIM Fender!

  • Thomas C Hunt

    Can’t choose between either and have both. When I am on the jazz bass I tend to play more prog rock stuff, and when I am on the P bass I tend to play more metal.

  • John Carrod

    Hi Scott. Check out Monk Montgomery playing Bock to Bock: Monk was one of the early Jazz Bass players. The tone is smooth and round. Stings are obviously damped with the rubber under the bridge cover. You would not play slap bass with this set up. Surely its not so much the bass, J or P, as the set up and how you play it? I play Jazz basses with different set ups. My worker-day bass has an adjustable damper so I can play smooth jazz or slap as required. Thanks for the inspiration. J