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Master THE NUMBERS SYSTEM (in under 10 minutes!)

I'll keep this super short as I'm writing this from the middle of a studio session (with the one and only Gary Willis... WHOOP!)... so let's get to it...

You can practice your scales... practice your arpeggios... but if you don't understand THIS none of that will matter as you won't understand how and why EVERYTHING is connected...

And once you start to understand this system it's ALL gonna start making sense.


I hope so ;)

It's all about the numbers system... and I'm going to show you how to understand it and apply it to your bass playing - in less than 10 minutes!

As always, see you in the shed!

Scott :)

  • Peter

    What a great lesson! Thank you. This is a perfect example of why a Bass player absolutely needs to have at least a rudimentary understanding of music theory.

  • Peter Crosta

    Scott, having been a public music school teacher who retired after 40 years, I have a question. First, I really enjoyed this lesson and I’ve taught it in a similar fashion to my high school students over the years. I have a question/concern. I noted that you refered to the 7th step as “minor 7-flat 5” and this caught my radar! Why did you address it that way and not just “viiº (diminshed)”? That’s the way I’ve taught this for years. So could you clarify for my understanding? Thanx, Scott!!

    • Israel Guerra

      This caught my attention too, personally I am taking 1-on-1 lessons from a great local bass teacher, and that note was taught to me as vii° diminished as well.

    • Kevin Hunnicutt

      It’s because it refers to the function of the chord which is more important than the name.

  • andi

    maybe this has been asked a thousand times on this Topic, but how does the number System work with minor scales? For example in A minor, is C still number 1, or do you Change VI to I? Thanks so much in advance! Andi