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Top 10 ULTIMATE bass guitar hacks… in Under 10 Mintues!

I thought it’d be fun to share my top 10 secret stealthy bass tips! ;)

Here’s some of the stuff I cover in this lesson:

  • The tea towel bass stand trick
  • How to make your own strap locks (for under $2!)
  • How to board a flight without getting asked to check in your bass
  • And even more cool bass hacks!

Oh… and don’t miss #10… I need your help with it! ;)

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

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  • Larry Thomas

    Batteries, extra lead, strings. My hack is a gig kit

  • Mathieu Jaguar Foley

    My hacks:

    Use superglue on your fingertips when your calluses peel or blister.

    Keeping the groove and staying in the pocket is more important than playing more notes. Less is always more.

    Learn how to tune by ear using harmonics

    The bass drum is your twin. Lock in with the bass drum.

    Always have extras. Power cords, extension cord, power strip, battery tuner, patch cables, etc. You never know what will go wrong.

    Befriend and trust the sound guy.

  • Pixelpfuscher

    1) I got the strap locks from the swing-top of my beer bottle. They are red and I love red.
    2) I can’t forget my bass stand. I moved the strap holder 12 cm away from the middle position at the end of the body; and instead I mounted 2 rubber feet (right expression?) 6 cm left and right away from the middle position. My bass never has tumbled over. And I think that the bass is hanging more stable.

  • ZE 1

    As well as spare strings, batteries etc in my case I always have a drum tuning key because a lot of drummers never remember to take one!

  • Dave Flood

    Getting the intonation dead on and tuning as you say with the harmonics. Tune to the standard A. It this way the bass is correctly fretted to equal temperament which is the way it is designed.