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The only 5 scales you’ll EVER need to learn

There are a LOT of scales, right? - I think we all know that.

And, I think we can also admit that it can be totally overwhelming knowing which one to learn next, which one will be most useful to us for where we're at right now as a bass player... and in some cases, just how to use scales in a practical and musical way...

Well, check this out...

In this new video, I'm going to show you the only 5 scales you'll ever need to learn!

Sound crazy? Well, there's method behind the madness ;)

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

  • excellent video… “what is the point if you’re not using this stuff in practice…do not just run up and down scales all day trying to play them faster…”

    all so true..

  • Nelson

    Some course this is exactly what I’m working on and I’m actually starting to hear the modes now individuality at first it all sounded like c scale but I’m starting to hear it now so awesome as you know I practice on my guitar so I play the mode against the chord and it sounds great thank you thank you thank you.
    I tried your 14 day free trial and it kept taking me to some guys lesson, nothing against him but I was trying to navigat towards Danny Mom’s lesson and I couldn’t, I’m sorry but I want you or Danny mo I like your teaching style.

    • Anita Gupta

      Hi Nelson, the free trial should work exactly the same as the full version, so if you’re still on the trial and having troubles navigating around then perhaps send an email to and explain fully what/where the problem is and we can help you find the right place.

      • Nelson

        Hi Anita I am no longer on the 14 day trial. That expired a long time ago but the problems I had was one I was trying to navigate to Danny Moe lessons which I really enjoyed Scott’s interview with him but it kept taking me to some other guys lessons which I really didn’t appreciate his style

  • Steven Abel

    So as your floating around the neck in the C Maj scale, when you shift your hand position are you staying in the key of C? What about the other keys like an AMaj scale? When I play blues I play a lot of major scale shuffles, say A, E, and F. I use the major scale pattern in each key (or do you call them chords)? I’m just starting these lessons and I actually play a lot but I’ve never really known exactly what I’m doing, I hear it pretty well. I’m struggling with how you flew over
    the fretboard saying it’s all in the CMaj scale. Show me the light please! ;D