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Top 5 Myths About Learning Bass


I’ve been playing bass now for around 20 years, which has been long enough for me to hear about every bizarre myth there is when it comes to learning the bass…

I thought it’d be fun to film a quick video for you focusing on some of the most common ones… in fact, my top 5!

The unfortunate thing is that these common myths can actually do damage to your progression as a bassist as they can make you doubt yourself, or simply throw you off the right track. Hopefully this video will help you focus on what’s actually important - hard work, practice, keeping inspired, and enjoying every minute of it.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

PS. And for giggles… here are my top 5 myths that are NOT related to bass playing… (for the bass version watch the video!)

  • Humans use only 10% of their brains
  • Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb
  • There is no gravity in space
  • If you shave your hair, it returns thicker and faster (are you kidding me, lol!)
  • The great wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space

Anyway… enough of those shenanigans… check out the video for the top 5 myths about learning bass!

  • Lynch1

    My favorite is that the bass player is the guy in the band that gets all of the women. It only happens if you are mistaken for someone else.

  • Thais Vendrame

    Excellent, I love playing the bass so much, I hate when I proudly tell about it to someone and then they only say “hurr durr but bass is easy, much easier than guitar”.

  • Der Sisko

    “Humans use only 10% of their Brains” – that is not true. :-)