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The “One Thing” Challenge

The simple concept behind the “one thing” is to ask yourself this: “What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”. The idea is to take this simple concept and use it as a tool to narrow down your bass practice to one precise and focused area. You want to pick the one thing that will have a positive knock on effect towards your end goal. Let’s jump in…

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The “Latin” Challenge

Exposing yourself to any new style of music is a really great way to broaden your knowledge as a bass player and to apply that knowledge in new ways. Latin in particular is a very broad style with a unique rhythmical component which will definitely aid in solidifying your internal sense of time. Let’s jump in…

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The “Reggae” Challenge

Stylistic diversity is an important part of engaging in broader learning on the bass and when it comes to reaching outside the usual genre suspects, reggae is a great place to start. Let’s jump in…

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The “Technique” Challenge

Gaining proficiency on the bass is really split out into two core areas, technique and harmony. If either one is stronger than the other our playing suffers as a whole. While harmony is of course incredibly important, if we don’t have the technique to effectively communicate our harmonic ideas things can go south pretty quickly.

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The “10 Bass Line” Challenge

Learning music… learning bass… it’s language, and therefore we should approach learning it like we learned our first spoken language – listening and then trying to recreate what we hear. We should also aim to understand everything we play from a harmonic perspective too, much like when we went to school and learned about the construction of language. Let’s jump in…

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The “67 Day” Challenge

We’re all here to better ourselves as bass players and musicians, right? Well, for this challenge we’re going to work on forming a life long habit that can really benefit our playing! Let’s jump in…

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The “Rock” Challenge

We all have rock music in our lives. Whether it’s country rock, blues rock, rock fusion, metal, punk… or even jazz rock… it’s EVERYWHERE! :) Well, for this challenge you’re going to get focused in on ROCK! Ready? Let’s jump in…

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2015 “Kickstart” Challenge

We all know what happens at the start of every year. You set a heap of New Year resolutions that generally… you won’t stick too. I know I don’t ;) Well, this New Year YOU are going to put something into action. Interested? Then check this out…

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The “Slap Bass” Challenge

We all know, slap bass is one of the coolest bass techniques there is. That’s why we thought it was about time to launch “The Slap Bass Challenge”. You’ve got two different options within this challenge – the transcription pathway and the composition pathway, plus there will be new play along tracks being added every week. Hit the button below and find out how you can get started!

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The “Bass Line Creation” Challenge

This could be one of our best challenges yet! As bass players, creating bass lines is what we’re going to be called to do 99% of the time. Sometimes it will be to re-create someone else’s bass line, but sometimes it will be to create an original bass line, something you have created yourself. This is what this challenge is all about!

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The “Style Analysis” Challenge

For this challenge, we want you to pick one style of music to study and immerse yourself in over the duration of this challenge. You will be studying different artists, bass players and bass lines from your chosen genre.

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The “Player Analysis” Challenge

This is one of my favourite ever practices, and is something I have done extensively with many bass players over the years. You simply choose one of your favourite bassists, and then start to transcribe their bass lines on one or a few chosen songs.

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The “Funk and Disco” Challenge

I want one of your main focuses this month to be learning bass lines from the “Funk and Disco” genres…

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The “Jam Session Survival” Challenge

Jam sessions can be one of “the” most fun parts of being a bassist… but they can also be one of the scariest too. For this challenge I want you to choose 3 songs and learn them so you can play them in their entirety by memory.

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The “Motown” Challenge

The focus of this challenge is two fold, using music from the Motown era in order to develop our skills in transcribing as well as building a strong rhythmical foundation.

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