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10 EASY shapes to master bass chords… for good!

I always get lots of questions from my students regarding how to approach playing chords on the bass...

They sound cool. They're super fun. And, they're GREAT for getting your ear training chops together.

So, I thought it'd be fun to show you 10 specific chord shapes that will give you EVERYTHING you need to be a chord ninja on the bass...

Seriously, these 10 shapes are what I base pretty much ALL of my chordal patterns upon - and to make things even cooler, you only have to change 1 note to move between each chord!

So - if you can memorise just 2 shapes, and then remember which 1 note to change within each chord, you'll have memorised ALL 10 patterns.

In other words - there's NO excuses. I want you to NAIL these chords shapes within the next few weeks (max).

Oh... and there's homework at the end of the lesson for ya.

Now... check out the new lesson and let me know in the comments underneath the video whether chords are something that have confused you in the past, scared you because you don't know where to start, or they're simply something you've been meaning to get into but just haven't got around to yet. I wanna hear your experiences!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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  • Nigel Facey

    Hi guys, the diminished shapes are missing from the pdf.

    • Daniel Schaeufele

      Yes, I was looking for them too and couldn´t find it.

  • Tenaya Adrean

    Hey you can stick my name into the hat for that travel bass.

  • Nancy Boutilier

    How come there’s no discussion of what the right hand is doing? Where can I find that video? Is that info in the Course “Playing Chords on Bass Guitar – The Definitive Guide”?

  • Larry Thomas

    I was scared because I didn’t know where to start. I am originally a guitar player, but I feel that chords on the bass are different. I will start this course and let you know how I did.

  • Daniel Girouard

    While we wait for a possible correction to the pdf. Dimished chord is a Minor chord with a flat 5 if this helps.

    • mtlbstrd

      Maybe the PDF has been modified since you saw it, but I’m seeing them. There’s 1 at the bottom of “closed voiced” & 2 at the bottom of “open voiced” chord diagrams, clearly labeled C minor 7 flat 5. Not labeled diminished, but as you say, minor chord with a flat 5…