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Academy Faculty:

Cody Wright

Originally hailing from Orlando, Florida, Cody Wright cut his musical teeth in Charlottesville, Virginia before moving to North Carolina to attend college. Wright graduated from Warren Wilson College in 2011 and took up the bass that same year after nearly thirteen years as a fusion guitarist.

At the dawn of his teens, when Cody Wright first got his hands on an electric guitar, he initially turned to hard rock and metal for inspiration, travelling down the crossroads of the blues before moving on to fusion, jazz, and acoustic music. Technical excellence was always an aspiration of Wright’s, along with melodies found early on in video games and television shows.

Cody laying down the groove with drummer Chaisaray Schenk.

Here’s Cody playing a solo bass arrangement of “Blackbird” by The Beatles.

Cody Wright – Pick Technique & Harmony – 06.16.2015

Cody Wright is with us for his first Live seminar in it he discusses Pick Technique & Harmony

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