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Online Bass Lessons


Hey, hope your enjoying the lessons and helping to spread the bass love!

If you have a specific question about a product you have purchased just send us an email via the contact form below (we'll be back in touch within 24hrs Monday - Friday).

But before you do make sure you check out the FAQ Page as you'll probably find your answer there.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we'd love to hear from everyone one of our fans and followers, if you have a specific question such as 'How do I re-string my bass?' or 'How do I get a good bass tone' unfortunately we can't reply to questions like this. We have over 200,000 followers across our different channels so as you can imagine, if we started answering questions like this we'd spend our entire lives answering emails! But, fear not! We have an amazing community forum called 'The Campus' where Scott and his team hang out every day, so if you have a questions about anything bass related that's the place for you! Find out about it by clicking HERE.