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The Campus Quick Start Guide

Course available to Academy members only

Course Overview:

Whether you are new to The Academy or you’ve been here a while, The Campus can be a little overwhelming as there’s simply so much cool stuff happening in there!

In this course you'll be taken through everything you need to know to get yourself involved in our awesome community.

In This Course You’re Going to Learn About:

  • Effective navigation through the Campus
  • Creating topics, posts and how to edit them
  • Tagging and liking content
  • Notifications and keeping track of all your content
  • Private messaging
  • Editing your profile & signature
  • Search functionality and status updates
  • Asking questions & getting help
  • Creating a practice log
  • And much more

This course is a quick overview of everything you need to get you started but if there's something that hasn't been covered here it will be in the 'Comprehensive Campus Feature Guide' (coming soon!).

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Travis Moore
Course Instructor:
Travis Moore

Lessons in this course: