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Chord Tone Concepts with Phil Mann: Volume 2

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Course Overview:

This is the second instalment of the “Chord Tone Concepts Series” from our very own Phil Mann.

In this course, world renowned educator Phil Mann takes what he originally covered in Chord Tone Concepts Volume 1, but expands on the original exercises in a way that is going to give you even more freedom on the fretboard, plus a much deeper understanding of harmony and how to apply these concepts in a practical and usable way.

In This Course You’re Going to Learn:

  • Four Essential 7th Arpeggio Inversion Studies
  • How to Utilise Your Arpeggio Permutations And Use The Cycle of 4ths
  • How to Apply Arpeggio Permutation Studies to II V I Chord Progressions
  • How to Use Autumn Leaves as a way to Expand Your Permutation Concepts
  • Using These Exercises Within Walking Bass Lines
  • Adding in Chromaticism to Your Arpeggios
  • And much more

Ready? Let’s jump in!

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Phil Mann
Course Instructor:
Phil Mann

Lessons in this course: