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Reading Charts Survival Guide

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Course Overview:

Learning to navigate and read charts and lead sheets is an absolutely invaluable skill that ALL musicians should master. Whatever your personal goals are as a bass player, mastering this skill is such an important part of your development as a musician that you simply can't go without it.

In this course you’re going to learn:

  • How to understand chord symbols (and how to use that information to create bass lines)
  • How and why you should use chord progression analysis
  • Essential lead sheet navigation tips
  • The key elements you should be looking for when you first look at a chart or lead sheet
  • How to use and read repeats effectively
  • How intros and outros work and the rules surrounding them
  • How to use coda's and understand important terminology such as DS and DC al Coda.
  • Tips on how to create your own charts and lead sheets
  • And WAY more...

Ready? Let’s jump in!

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Scott Devine
Course Instructor:
Scott Devine

Lessons in this course: