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Contemporary Groove Techniques with Damian Erskine /// The SBL Artist Series

Course Overview:

If you’re interested in digging into Damian’s signature three finger technique, constructing chords on the bass or working on your soloing – then this is the course for you!

In this course, our very own Damian Erskine takes a deep dive into his percussive three finger technique as well as covering chordal playing and improvisation on the bass. Throughout the course you’re going to get a real in depth perspective on how Damian developed his innovative three finger technique on the instrument. You’ll be taking a look at his rhythmic “rudiments” and employing accents to begin to groove and create music with them!

About Damian:

Damian is known for his ability to fit into any musical situation, extraordinary reading and improvising skills as well as being an world-class educator, but one of the most stand-out things about Damian’s bass playing is his unqiue plucking hand approach – in fact, he wrote an entire book about it!

He has played in the studio and on the stage with, Peter Erskine, Gino Vannelli, The Jaco Pastorius Big Band, Les McCann, Jeff Lorber, The Buddy Rich Alumni All-Star Band, and many others… simply put, we’re honoured to have him as part of the faculty here at ScottsBassLessons!

Damian Erskine
Course Instructor:
Damian Erskine

Over 2+ Hours

Multiple Workbooks - Full TAB & Notation

From Intermediate to Advanced

Here’s a birds eye view of this course:

Paul Hutchinson

"You're thinking is this going to be worth it - it would be at twice the price! Relevant bass lessons from the most valued bass guitar tutor in the world, Scott Devine. He will infect you with passion for the bass like no one else"

- Paul Hutchinson

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