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$5000 bass… and it needed a set up?!

In this lesson you’re going to learn why my $5000 bass still needed a set up…

You’re going to learn a super quick and easy way to check whether your truss rod needs adjusted… (you don’t have to use any tools, and you can check it in a matter of seconds).

Plus, I take you behind the scenes at Alpher Instruments (these guys make awesome basses!) where you’re going to see some of the most impressive wood you’ll ever come across.

As always, jump into the comments below the video and get involved in the SBL community vibes!

See you in the shed,

Scott :)

PS. If you're interested in learning more about how to maintain and set up your bass, check out the "Bass Maintenance and Set-up Guide" with master luthier Chris May here in the ScottsBassLessons Membership.

  • Manuel da Silva

    Great video guys, thanks …

  • Comus Milton Jnr.

    good advice regarding checking the neck – but is it a good idea to hang guitars above a radiator?