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New amp with ONE BIG KNOB (and you can WIN it)

In this lesson I'm going to do something a little bit different... It's NOT a lesson. Shock horror! ;)

Instead, it's a review (and awesome giveaway that you can be a part of) of an awesome new amp head and cab that I've just got my hands on.

And whoever wins this giveaway is gonna be blown away - because this amp is a total BEAST!...

And it's got a BIG volume knob.

Entering this giveaway is suuuuuper easy (full deets are in the video)... And it's worldwide!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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  • Thomas Wisdorf

    If there are only three knobs on an amp available and one of these is “Volume” the other two for me would be:

    – a “Taste” button which is giving me the opportunity to tune from “rich/vintage” to “dry/modern” with being neutral at 12 o’clock.
    – a “Distortion” knob which should give me the opportunity to add some “Dirt” to my sound.

    And now I hope I win this amp and cabinet ;-)

  • Marc Cheung

    1. Volume
    2. BABS = Bad Ass Bass Sound
    3. MOREBASS = speaks for itself

  • Tom Claps

    In addition to Volume, Punch and Soul.

  • Dok Washington


  • Ted Schuhle

    Hmm Awesome knob and Turbo

  • Hunter

    Other than volume I’d say treble and bass:)

  • Hanitylies

    “More” and “Booty”

  • Stephen Graham

    “It’s all ’bout that bass, no treble”. Volume, Mid, Bass

  • Dietmar Huggler

    Cool Amp, for Mine Vol, Bass, Effectloop

  • Alan Pope

    Great amp. On, off and volume.

  • james

    Love It!

    1. Ok –Big ‘ol’Volume

    2.a little knob for some sub Octave

    3. and BIG OL BASS knob to help drive the sub octave!

  • Mark Beaumont

    Ok, I’m going with bass and lo-mid. Don’t want any treble! But that rig will do nicely! Lol

  • Colin Reading


    1) Volume
    2) Compression
    2) Reverb

    There’s already enough tone controls on my basses…

  • Dylan Little

    Volume and a bass, mid, treble contour knob like Orange has on they’re Tiny Terror amp and a gain stage knob would be sweet!

  • Jesse Sours

    Gotta just be Vol, Bass, Mid and let the amp do the rest!

  • Tu

    Volume, bass and treble

  • Name

    Volume, gain and compressor. Thats it :)

  • Andy

    For me it would be volume, low mid ad compressor

  • Lucien Picard

    Volume, compressor and bass

  • Adsy

    I would have volume, suck and awesome knobs. I’d turn the suck all the way down, and the awesome all the way up

  • Pete Roth

    volume, reverb, flanger

  • Jordan McManus

    My choice would be volume low mid and bass

  • Matt Hill

    Volume+bass+treble…. let your fingers do the talkin!

  • Daniel Myers

    Volume + Bass + Treble – I like to play with a bit of sparkle up the top end

  • Arnaud Malan

    Salut Scott,

    1) Volume
    2) Compression
    3) Contour

    As long as I thought that black and green bass amps were made in the uk in the 80’s would it be possible to have a custom shop special with purple carpet covering and glitters ? ;-)

  • Larry Thomas

    Hey Scott, my choices are:
    1. Volume
    2. Compressor
    3. Mid scoop/boost

  • Bob Pond

    Three controls from an amp. Volume, HPF and LPF. I can handle the input.

  • Tim Williams

    Volume, compressor, drive!

  • Jonathon McCravy

    Volume, bass and a knob for a sweapable frequency from ~120-600hz with a set 3db cut.

  • Brad Example

    Subscribed. Of course. Your vids are really helpful so thank you for all you do.
    If i could only have 3 knobs. Volume. Bass. And a Room Balance knob. Ive only seen that function on one other bass head. But. I would love to win the One Big Knob amp. That is genius. Thanks for the shot at this. Hope i did it right.

  • Peter Dohnt

    Easy – tone and compression – Oh hang on – that’s what this has got :)

    Already subscribed.

  • Pete Lundrigan

    If I can only pick three they would be. Volume compression and mid

  • Frank Jasper

    The bass and treble

  • Marcel Kling

    Hi Scott,

    Great amp, I like it! I’d go with volume, voice (e.g. modern, vintage) and distortion.

  • Nicholas Merriam

    Volume, compression and mid-scoop.

  • Marcin Krawczyk

    Volume, Bass, Treble. I am a believer in hand compression :-)

  • Amanda Krawczyk

    Bass, volume and low mid.

  • Beside the volume, I would go with bass and treble :-)

  • Michal Musil

    Bass, treble, volume… already subscribed :-)

  • Pálmi Ívar Jóngeirsson

    Volume, Gain and Bass

  • Thomas Hofma

    Next to volume, a bass and a treble knob…bass up, treble down:D

  • Thilo Ehrhardt

    Sounds lovely! i would really like to win that ;)
    Gain, Volume and Bass

  • Johannes Dörnte

    Hi Scott,

    I like to have an automatic gain (without a knob), a Volume knob, EQ flat (without any knobs) and two senseful knobs for a multiband compressor.


  • Pierre Sustaita

    I would get the volume bass and treble knobs

  • Mark Bowering

    Hmmmm Volume………..m/…………and a knob that secretly controls the volume of the guitar amps.

  • Mary Lindstrom

    Volume + Bass + Compression :-)

  • Yannick Slick Chassay

    mmmm… ok so Volume, for second a scoop and for third a low mid knob, i think that would just enough.
    That Bergantino forte amp sounds extremely good!!!

  • Davíð Atli Jones

    Volume / Low mid / treble

  • Melissa McGill

    Volume, mid scoop, gain :-)

  • taroak t

    Volume / low /mid

  • Willoughby Spitt

    Volume, Compression, Bass

  • Martin Giroux

    first knob: volume. 2-parametric mid fom 120hz to 3.5 khz and 3- mid level boost/cut . love that Bergantino sound !

  • Dave Flood

    Volume, Compressor/Limiter and Bandaxall EQ.

  • Jim Nielsen

    Volume, treble and tone. Volume and tone cranked all the way up, and treble all the way down cause nobody likes that squiky sound 😂😂😂

  • Jeff Fryett

    Volume, Gain and Compressor! Would love to win that beauty!

  • Robert Manganello

    volume, bass, mids.

  • Enrico Corbari

    Bass and Hi-Mid knobs. Already subscribed long ago :)

  • Marcelo Sanmartin

    Of course I’m already subscribed to the youtube channel!! That’s how I got to know SCBL – I’m one of your students ;)
    Errr — volume, bass and mid

  • Paul Bernardini

    Volume, Gain and Sub-Bass level(<80hz)

  • Radulph Kader

    1. Volume
    2. Gain
    3. Compressor

  • Guillaume P

    Volume, bass compressor
    Peace out !

  • Mario

    It’s gives the Bass a Clear sound with the option to modify the sound of your Bass while playing different songs. Songs from lively to Mellow.

    Three Controls: Volume, Bass and Treble. That’s enough for me to do the job.

  • Jake Holmes

    Volume, Octave, and Bass!

  • mehmet balyemez

    bass & mid

  • Bart Jessen

    I would have volume, gain and tone. All done.
    Already subscribed long ago :)

  • Chris N

    Volume, Treble, Bass

  • Michael Carter Carter

    Bass, mid, volume

  • Trev shot the deputy

    Volume, Gain, Tone shaper

  • Spector1976

    Volume, Gain, and gain out

  • Peter Baily

    I would have volume (up to 11 of course), bass and a compressor. I’ll do the rest with my active bass…

  • Magne Arntsen

    Volume, bass middle

  • Oldřich Kolář

    2. Better head
    3. Better hands

  • Chris Cudworth

    Volume, levitation, and tips
    I’d like to be heard, have equipment easy to move and turn up the tip($)

  • Joel Lay

    Volume, talent and looks knobs!!

  • cisvanheerde

    Bass, treble and VRC control! And one big knob!!

  • Simon Ford

    I’d go for Low Mid and, if there was an option, ‘Brightness’ as per Ashdown to switch in and out. Set it up once, then all you need is the big Volume knob.

  • Bill Tervo

    Three knobs:
    1. Volume (required)
    2. Mid (because tone lives here)
    3. Mid Frequency (because the tone lives at a different frequency on fretless bass)
    Subscribed to your You Tube channel a while back!
    Bill T.

  • Eric Wesselman

    I think I would prefer low mid and high mid control. Those make me cut through, and I like to cut through the mix. Keep up the good work.

  • Todd Isenberg

    Subscribed :)
    1. Volume
    2. Jamerson
    3. Pastorius

    “Hey mate, can you back off the Pastorius and up a little Jamerson for this one” ;-)

  • James Cox

    Volume, bass, and treble. I’d use this to get an overall decent tone then get down to the nitty gritty with a preamp.

  • Elias Luoma

    1. volume
    2. bass
    3. mid

  • jackie

    Volume, bass and mid

  • Smiffy60

    Sorry Scott – Just give me the volume knob! What ‘s not to like about that?

  • Frits En Pino de Wolf-Twigt

    Volume, parametric mids. Now did I win the Bergantino? :-)

  • Mark Berger

    Volume, keyboard volume, and one that controls that Jazz Bass stank that I can’t get with my 50’s P.

  • Bernhard Buchreiter

    1. Volume
    2. Balance for mixing send/return and direct signal
    3. not needed :-)

  • Christian Abuan

    For me:

    1. Volume
    2. Bass
    3. Treble


    1. Volume
    2. Gain
    3. Master Volume

  • Hakan Kutluay

    1 volume
    2 compressor ratio
    3 compressor level

  • Juan Pablo Caro

    In the amp I’m currently using (Fender Rumble 100) I use mostly high mid and low mid controls. Normally I put bass and treble around 12 o clock and that’s it, but I love the to shape the tone with the mids, so those would be.

  • Svend Dyhr Hansen

    Volume, mid and skill level ;-)

  • MichaelPerkins

    Volume, Compression, & GAIN Please, thanks for the opportunity

  • David Verbeeck

    Damn, it looks fantastic.
    1. Gain
    2. Master
    3. Mids

  • Chap VonTaint

    1) Volume
    2) Compression
    3) GAIN

  • Brandon Green

    Just want to start off by saying I’m a new bass player and I’m using a guitar amp to practice bass on (hahaha). Anyways for the three knobs: Volume, Bass, and Mid (I subscribed a couple weeks ago and joined your Academy). Love what you’re doing and keep up the good work!

  • Ray A

    1. Main Volume
    2. Single Tone Knob
    3. Line Volume

  • Zone

    Volume, gain, vrc

  • Loek Nederstigt

    1. Volume
    2. Roll-off frequency
    3. Roll-off attenuation
    Thus creating a fully adjustable high frequency filter.

  • Matt Metzler

    Volume, Bass and high-mid

  • 343ger

    I would have as knobs volume, bass and high mid. I love this setup. I would get rid of my old amp.

  • Samuel Langlois

    1. Volume
    2. Low-mid
    3. High-mid

    And of course I’m already subscribed to your youtube channel.

  • Mike Clark

    Volume, compression, and chorus

  • Danny Aipassa

    Hi Scott,

    If I had to choose, then besides the volume the other two would be
    1: bass
    2: treble.

  • Simon Falcon

    That’s a sweet piece of kit! Love the design and the “One BIG Knob”!! Thanks for the great review. I’d say if I could only have 3 including a Volume control, the other two would have to be “Tone” and Bass. Scott, I’m really digging your videos – great editing too. That’s got to be piles of footage!!

  • Jean – Marc Bontemps

    Thank you very much Scott for this review

    Jean – Marc
    Reunion Island

  • David Jenkins

    I would have volume, the volume for the lead guitarists amp and a fat knob called Grease. Just dial in the grease whenever needed…

  • Paul

    Three knobs
    1. Volume
    2. James Jamerson
    3. Jack Bruce

    TIP: Wire wool for the mice, fill those holes and problem solved (we had the same issue under the sink, wire wool in holes, no more mice!)

  • Pasi Ahtikari

    Volume, Mid, Compressor maybe..

  • Michael Nikolussi

    I’d to for Volume, funkametric groove-knob, and I really like Mark’s idea of the knob that secretely controls the volume of guitar amps.

  • Samu

    Looks like a fantastic amp! My 3 knobs would be 1.) Bass Volume 2.) Scott Devine Emulator (SDE) 3.) Geoff Chalmers Emulator (GCE)

  • Gary Youngblood

    I’ve long thought about different control features on an amp and what they might deliver. They would of course have to all be simple to use and have awesome effect. So obviously the easiest is a volume knob, duh. The next would be an intelligent tone knob to capture and compensate for the best tone at any volume. And my favorite would be something similar to the gun used in the movie “Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe”. Yes, I’m talking about the “Point of View Gun”. It would deliver a sound (and perceived performance) to the audience that would be stunning to hear no matter how basic or sophisticated your actual musical skills were. So my third choice choice would be the Point of View knob. Would that be cheating?

  • John

    Three knobs:

  • Dave Dunsworth

    Three knobs:
    1. Volume
    2. Mid
    3. Bright/Dark… similar to the Fender Excelsior, but a pot instead of a binary switch.

  • Ryan Vincent

    Three controls: Volume, Bass, Low Mid

  • Chris Yates

    1. Volume
    2. Bad Note Remover
    3. Drummer speed

    Keep up the great work!

  • Volume – natch – plus (2) The Jamerson and (3) The Jaco – so that one could go full Jamerson but add a tad of Jaco into the blend or vice-versa (with tone print to substitute fave player tones as an optional upgrade). Channel subscribed many moons ago. And loving it.