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The coolest bass distortion pedal ever?!… Darkglass Alpha Omega (unboxing!)

In this video I’m unboxing and demoing one of the most versatile drive pedals I’ve ever used… seriously, EVER.

The "Alpha Omega" by the awesome guys over at Dark Glass.

It’s like two drive pedals in one box - but, with a multitude of different signal mixing options so you can get some fantastic multi layered dimensions to your bass tone.

Oh… and it get’s cooler…

I’m giving it away too... all you've got to do is watch the video for the full details.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

  • Mattia Villa

    #darkglassalphaomega cool!!!As all the other Darkglass brothers :)
    I like Omega side a little bit, expecially if stuffed up with the Bite control
    Pure Power :)

  • William Siegel

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega I like the Alpha with a little blend of the Top Bite. This is the beast.

  • Mark Cmelik

    #darkglassalphaomega. Very nice pedal the Omega is nice but i like the alpha just a bit more

  • Oliver Hofer

    #darkglassalphaomega that pedal does not disappoint. I particular liked the bite switch engaged and would work from there. That singing buzz is beautiful. I wonder how growl AND bite switches engaged compliment each other. Man, a million options on that little machine. Brilliant!
    These guys don’t eff around

  • Nuno Maio

    #darkglassalphaomega I’ve been using their b7k and, the alpha omega, in my opinion, keeps the more important features and adds the possibility of blending three signals. The idea of mixing the clean plus two different overdrives settings is where it excels. Not to forget, that the output Eq section adds that bit of extra something we bass players are always missing. It’s just superb as an idea. Would love to try one!!!

  • Andy Cooke

    #darkglassalphaomega. Hi Scott I thought the best setting was when you were at your desk next to your mac! The Alpha and Omega Distortion Pedal…there was nothing before it & there will be nothing after… first & last (Geddit)! Would love the pedal! Great site, never let up! x

  • Kelly Mandragoran

    #darkglassalphaomega I use the B7K ultra, and love it! It too has the Bite and Growl controls which I’ve found using both boosted gives my tone the edge it needs, what I do is turn down the distortion below 12 oclock and blend it so that I have a slightly overdriven clean tone. If I were to use an Alpha Omega along with the Ultra, I would use the AO as a distortion pedal so i can switch between distortion and clean without having to turn knobs. On your demo I really liked the Alpha tone with the bite engaged.

  • Rodrigo Silva

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega I like the Omega with growl, I guess.

  • Larry Thomas

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega I like the Alpha with growl and lighter drive for a more natural grunt

  • Robert Baker

    #DarkglassAlphOmega. Love the Alpha. It remind me of Greg Lakes tone from the ELP Tune “Knife Edge” KIller!

  • Alan Mountain

    #DarkGlassAlphaOmega Love the Alpha drive with the distortion full on. What a pedal, absolutely love it

  • David Craig

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega Hard to tell much of anything through computer speakers, but I think I liked the Alpha with some of the clean signal blended in. Nice warm distortion with some oomph at the bottom. Looks like a very versatile pedal! Also, Scott, your playing continues to surprise and amaze me. Give me another 10 years of SBL under my belt and I will be right there with you.

  • Joe Sanchez

    Hey man, I really liked the Omega side with the Alpha blended in. When You did the half and half mix it seemed that leaning a little more to the Omega side would have been perfect and I thought that your demo sounded great with NO clean blended in. But like you said, there are a ton of possible tones and no doubt there are a lot more great ones in there! See you in the shed!

  • Mike Lorenz

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega I liked the blend of the 2 distortions, maybe skewed a bit towards the Omega side. Certainly keep the blend knob at Noon (Can’t lose the big booty!) I liked the sizzle from the bite switch. It would be cool if those functions were foot switchable.

  • Woody Woodard

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega, Loved both the Alpha and Omega. Seems to be one of the most versatile pedals I have seen.

  • Nur Shah Anwar

    #darkglassalphaomega blend till theres no clean signal n alpha all the way! Like at 12:20. Cheers

  • Fredrik Bolmstedt

    #darkglassalphaomega, what a fantastic pedal! My preference is certainly towards the omega side. Love the way you can elaborate with the clean signal and keep the bottom end of your original tone. I would use the pedal to get just a little extra growl in my sound. Thanks for the demo! Kind regards, Fred

  • Brian McCool

    Alpha/Omega…not as important as the growl! If it ain’t growlin’, it ain’t doing it’s thang, so definitely turn on the growl. I think the Omega gives a little touch of a synth feel, like maybe it belongs on a smashing pumpkins track, so that’s cool. Anyways, my two cents. Cheers

  • Roger Freitas

    #darkglassalphaomega Omega all the way!!!

  • Tom Uellner

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega I’m thinking a mix of the Alpha and Omega (toward the Omega side) with growl kicked in and it will kill. Great pedal!

  • Andy Chance

    #DarkglassAlphaOmega I liked the Alpha with bite turned on and the Omega turned up. It might be my PC sound system but the mids came across very well. Pie in the sky comment – what if the peddle had an LFO between the alpha and omega limits!

  • Cory Sears

    #darkglassalphaomega, I like 1/2 alpha, 1/2 omega, and 1/2 blend between clean and distorted the best. I also like the bite switch on. Peace!

  • Inti Berro

    #darkglassalphaomega Darkglass pedals rules! I prefer the Alpha side, growl on and blend at 75%. But we have plenty of options with this pedal, I would be experimenting a lot.

  • Joel Dierks

    #darkglassalphaomega I really liked the deeper Omega sound. I’d love to hear that sound combined with the Growl switch.