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Is this the coolest travel bass EVER?

Traveling with a bass can be a nightmare.

I know this because I've done it a thousand times. I've lost basses, had cases dropped, crushed and everything in-between...

That's why, when a friend told me about a cool new travel bass that you can take to bits in less than a minute and literally wear it on your back in a small rucksack - I was REALLY intrigued!

Long story short... I got my hands on one of these basses and thought it'd be fun to show you guys how it all works... And wait till you see how the neck comes off - it's suuuuper cool!

Ohhh... and, just to make the video a bit more fun... I'm giving away this bass and you can win it!

So....check out this crazy travel bass and how to enter in the video below.

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

  • Gregory Ramirez

    Gary Brown would be a good teacher.

  • Mauro Caputi

    Hi Scott, Really cool travel bass.

    I’d like to see Mike Downes as a Faculty Member at

    His bio says he “has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s
    finest jazz artists. Based in Toronto, he has been active as a bassist,
    composer, arranger and educator in the Canadian music scene since the
    early 1980s” He is the author of “The Jazz Bass Line Book, a comprehensive approach to
    the construction of improvised bass lines. Intended for beginners and
    professionals alike, the book deals with playing in “2”, creating
    walking bass lines, 3/4 time, using a ‘broken feel’, modal and
    slash-chord harmony, ballads and much more. Each chapter is full of
    fundamental and advanced concepts and ideas, accompanied by transcribed
    examples from the masters of jazz bass playing.”

    I have his book and it’s truly amazing how he summarizes the entire book into Chapter 14, encouraging the student to take 17 concepts shown in the book (the book contains more than that) and practice them one at a time with one set of chord changes, takng as much time as needed with each concept, until they are done as naturally as breathing.

    Also, as “Rob D” comments on Amazon, “the book
    contains several transcriptions from bass players throughout the years
    on blues (all in the same key so you can compare the approaches), and on
    rhythm changes. All the transcriptions are
    written lined up across several pages. You can look on the page and see from bar to bar exactly
    what each bass player was doing. So, for example, I can see how Paul
    Chambers handled the 4 bar blues turn around as compared to Gary Peacock
    and Miroslav Vitous..and it’s all right there on one page for easy
    comparison. There are also fully printed out
    transcriptions for all these parts so you can play them easier as well.”

    • Mark H

      Hi Scott. That Travel Bass is really amazing !
      Id love to see Arthur Barrow or Tom Fowler (both played withy Zappa) as a faculty members.
      Keep up the good work !

  • Mauro Caputi

    Full specs here:

    Weight: 4 lbs
    Scale length: 27″
    Width at nut: 1.72″
    Carbon Fiber bass

  • Mauro Caputi

    Just in case anyone is interested in the patented removable neck design, find it here:

  • Jared

    Ida Neilson wold be awesome. Her vast array of abilities would lend itself to SBL.

  • Lenny Mongeau

    Love the travel bass. I have tried the headless traveler bass, it plays really well.
    Doug Johns would be great for some funk.
    I am looking for a 32″ scale Jazz bass to try sometime.
    Thanks Scott. Stay dry,lol.

  • Greg Crawford

    Would love to see Adam Blackstone give a lesson series. And I kinda like the purple….

  • Steve Sage

    the tune you were playing sounded like annie don’t ware no panties by Erica badu

  • Bob Hoyle


  • Marc Rennard

    I’d love to see John Paul Jones in the shed.

    • Larry Breedlove

      That was my first thought

  • William Quick

    Interesting….I don’t travel much any more, but this would make a nice practice bass…..Purple isn’t bad, not something I’d usually use, but the modern design makes the purple color “Ok”…….I’ve already subscribed…..I only have a facebook account, but I’ve shared the video on FB……As far as a faculty member, (I’m sure you mean a “Guest” faculty member) I still like the old school, Geddy Lee (don’t tell him I called him “Old”…:) )…….I’ve watched a video of Gary Brown, not my style but he’s got some moves, he’d be interesting to learn from……I’d be interested in learning technique from a musician who is not a bassist, Scott August, just to get a different point of view……Thanks Scott

  • Jan Lundgren

    Earl Falconer, or Mark King…!

  • Doug McPherson

    Hi Scott. I play bass in Australia, where Paul McCartney is coming to tour. With your tremendous influence, could you possibly get him to appear on SBL? That would be truly incredible… Thanks Scott.

  • Jocelyn Hamelin

    Hi Scott I travel a lot by plane for my job, it would be really cool. I’d love to see Tony Levin

  • Larry Breedlove

    Norwood “Fishbone” Fisher

  • Damon Senior

    I’d love to see Damien Keyes do some lessons on here. He taught me at ACM many years ago and he is a really engaging and fun teacher- and the boy has got some killer chops!!!

  • Gilles Fichou

    Great bass, great tone. So many talented tutors already at SBL, but it would be great to see Paul McCartney doing some lessons !

  • Bob Chelva

    Would love to see Nathan East do a lesson on SBL – probably the most underrated bass virtuoso of our time and yet with the distinction of jamming on more than 2,000 recordings (most in music history) in just about every genre (rock, jazz, R’n’B, etc) backing just about every platinum recording artist you could imagine…….and the dude can sing as well !
    I would love to hear the inspiration for his chromatic lick on that Michael McDonald jam……BTW, purple is my wife’s favourite colour, so she may just give in to yet another bass guitar in the house !

  • Craig Davidson

    Stanley Clarke – he’s in the uk at present, and kmows his way around a short scale…

  • Gavin Barr

    I would say Geddy Lee from rush , great bass player and long serving in the music industry !!!

  • Paul Munters

    Deeeeeeeep. Something for Michael League! But he seems busy for some reason ….

  • Digitalozzie

    I play a Jazz bass which is quite heavy and even though I don’t travel much anymore this lighter “Journey” bass would be great to take to practices. And it would be nice to carry with me when I visit my musician friends just in case an impromptu jam session breaks out ! My early influences were Donald “Duck” Dunn, James Jamerson, and Ron Carter but I would really like to see Leland Sklar do an interview and lesson on SBL. Thanks for all you do Scott !

  • Patrick Farrell

    How about getting Bill Banwell on here? Rag n Bone Man x

  • Christophe Bunn

    Hi Scott, Deep! But Purple… That’s OK, I love the concept, as I’m a beginner bass player and I’d like to practice when I’m away from home.
    It would be tremendously great if you could convince Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and Simon Gallup (The Cure) to teach us a few tricks.
    Gotta continue my “Module 4 – Adding Scales to your Grooves” lesson now. Cheers! Chris.

  • Bob Pond

    I’m really interested in the acoustic sound of the bass. They appear to have put a lot of thought and technology into that. The purple looks less bad the more times I look at it. Go to the web site, in all black the bass looks amazing.
    For faculty Tony Franklin would be awesome.

  • Nancy Boutilier

    Hi, Scott. I’d love to see and hear what Sara Lee has to teach after all her years playing with the likes of Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, Gang of Four, and also her work composing her own stuff on “Make It Beautiful.” Then, I’d love to take what I learn from her and practice it on a cool new purple travel bass! –Thanks, Nancy