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The coolest short scale bass EVER? (and it can be yours)

Hey Groovehacker, Scott here… hope you’re having a wicked day! :)

I got my hands on a VERY cool short scale bass the other day… so, I thought it’d be fun to make a video about it for ya…

There’s some things I LOVE about short scale basses… but equally, there are things that I don’t like too.

In this new video I’m gonna share the good, the bad, and the ugly…

Oh… AND… I’m giving it away… so YOU could win it! All the details are in this video.

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

  • Adsy

    Supro bass… my fave vintage style bass at the moment is ’62 Fender jazz bass w/ concentric / stacked knobs!!!

  • Rusty Lowrey

    Supro Bass…Fender Precision

  • Nicholas Merz

    Supro Bass…Hofner Club Bass

  • LEE

    Supro Bass…Fender Precision

  • Trev

    Supro Bass…Ampeg Baby Bass

  • Supro Bass… Rickenbacker 4003. My ultimate bass for playing in a band setting. Nothing sounds or feels like a Ric. I’m even starting to use its stereo output for solo work. So versatile. Love it.

  • Stephen Graham

    Supro Bass…Fender Precision

  • Doug Laymon

    Supro Bass … Fender telecaster bass

  • Benedictus Pandhu

    Supro Bass… Squier Affinity Jazz Bass burgundy mist metallic 2014 (discontinued).

  • EARL_W

    Supro Bass… Fender Precision 51

  • Michael McKinney

    Supro bass… Peavy P40.

  • Derek Winkel

    Supro bass… ’64 Fender Jazz bass.

  • Ian Wheeler

    Supro Bass 51 Fender P

  • Ozren Franic

    Supro bass… Fender Jazz 1962

  • Dionisis Nikolopoulos

    Supro bass…Greco Thunderbird

  • Rastislav Tkáč

    Supro bass…Fender Jazz bass 1962

  • Shelley Martin

    Supro Bass … 1965 vox clubman Bass, what me and my dad both learned to play on! Same bass, my niece is now using it.

  • Jurgen van Laere

    Supro bass…Fender Jazz 1962, preferably Olympic White. Prettiest baby in the world.

  • Aivaras Šimkus

    Supro Bass…Gibson EB-2.

  • Brett Wolfe Samuels

    Supro Bass … Fender P 1962. Jamerson

  • Peter Jansen

    Supro Bass… Fender Jazz 1972

  • Mikkel Kjær Hansen

    Supro Bass… Höfner 500/1

  • Sme McErlean

    Supro Bass… 1978 Ric 4001

  • PumpkinEater

    Supro Bass… Jedson Telecaster

  • Michal Danko

    Supro Bass… Epiphone Toby IV

  • Marcos De Melo Lins

    Supro Bass… MusicMan StingRay 4 ‘77

  • Jerry MacDermaid

    Supro Bass…Fender Jazz 1964

  • Joel Lay

    Supro Bass… 62 Fender Jazz

  • Panagiotis Ashikkis

    Supro Bass…1962 Fender P bass

  • Kenneth John Webb

    Surprise bass … Gibson eb0 or eb1

  • Casper

    Supro Bass… 60’s Fender jazz or precision

  • Brian Duijster

    Supro Bass… De Gier Lowlander

  • Lars W

    Supro bass… 60’s Fender P bass

  • Andrew Smith

    Supro Bass…Fender P or Jazz.

  • Ian Long

    Getty Lee signature Fender J bass. Or Cliff Burton Aria bass

  • Klaus Fromberg

    Supro Bass – 60`s Fender P bass

  • JimChad

    Supro Bass…70’s Rickenbacker.

  • Mathyoo Barrloh

    Supro bass. 96 Hamer Cruise.

  • Jan

    Supro Bass … 70’s Fender Jazzbass black with black pickguard

  • Steven Rendall

    Supro bass …. Steinberger Spirit that Pete Briquette used to play in the 80’s

  • Dario Frisone

    Supro bass… Gibson eb0!

  • Jakuba Vohnout

    Supro Bass…60’s Stack Knob Jazz Bass

  • PT O’Neill

    Supro Bass……..Hofner violin bass

  • David Birtwhistle

    Supro Bass….71 Fender Telecaster Bass

  • Al Davis

    Supro Bass… Rickenbacker 79

  • Derek Ruby

    Supro Bass… 1977 Musicman Stingray

  • Siote de la Pena

    Supro bass…1962 Fender Jazz bass

  • BoomerUS

    Supro bass … Hofner 500/1! My first bass in 1964!

  • Tom Holt

    Supro bass… Gibson Thunderbird

  • Howell

    Supro bass…Fender American Vintage 58 Precision Bass

  • Moises Brasil Ferreira

    Supro bass…Gibson EB2

  • Bob Waters

    Supro Bass…Fender p-bass

  • Mitch Szitas

    Supro bass… 1977 musicman stingray

  • Marcos Reyes

    Supro bass… 1978 fender jazz bass

  • Brian Foley

    Supro Bass… 60’s Fender Jazz

  • Sicko NeegmundQ

    Supro… Yamaha RBX 370

  • Ellen Dijkstra

    Supro bass…1960 Gibson EB-O

  • Lionel D’eaunion

    Supro Bass… Fender 62′ Precision

  • Alexis Plays Bass

    Supro bass… My preferred vintage instrument is the Eastwood EUB-1

  • Ian Marshall

    Supro bass… Gibson EB-3

  • Tom Francavilla

    Supro bass.. late pre-EBMM 70’s Stingray in “root beer”

  • Vicente Bernedo

    Supro bass… ms-20

  • Martin Holt

    Supro bass… Gibson thunderbird.

  • jhernandez1981

    Supro bass… fender p bass

  • Robert Carnes

    Supro bass…Gibson Ripper

  • Tom Uellner

    Supro Bass… 60’s P Bass

  • Ben BJ

    Supro Bass… Fender 1959 Precision Bass

  • Jasper Störningar

    Supro Bass… I’ll go with ’73 Rickenbacker

  • Obadiah

    Supro bass… 59 fender jazz

  • Waldemar Kolanus

    Supro bass …..60s Fender Jazz

  • Aditya Ravi Raj

    Supro Bass…classic ’61 Fender Precision Bass.

  • Brendan Woolley

    Supro bass…Hofner violin bass

  • Bob Henderson

    Supro Bass…60s Fender P

  • Nihat Berk Ozcan

    Supro Bass…73 Rickenbacker

  • Miljan Novčić

    Supro Bass…Fender Precision, the sparkly blue one that Steve Harris played during the 80’s

  • Karl Erik Jorgensen

    Supro bass… Squier Classic Vibe 60’s precision bass 🎸🎸

  • Karsten

    Supro bass… Fender 70’s style P Bass

  • Daniel Damkilde Christensen

    Supro bass… Early fender P-bass

  • MatthewDoesGames

    Supro bass… Gibson ES-335 vintage

  • Casey Masback

    Supro bass…. 75 Alembic Series I

  • Jean-François Munch

    Supro Bass… ’62 Fender Precision

  • Jesús Arnáiz

    Supro bass … Fender Precion Bass

  • Jesús Arnáiz

    Supor bass . . . Fender Precision Bass

  • Jesús Arnáiz


  • Jesús Arnáiz

    Supro Bass . . . Fender Precision Bass

  • Justin Thomas

    Supro Bass…62′ Fender Jazz bass would be my favorite vintage bass.

  • Mark Matthews

    Supro Bass… Feder Jazz Bass

  • Lou DiFigliano

    Supro bass… Gibson Thunderbird!!!

  • Duncan Reitböck

    Supro bass… Fender Jazz

  • Earl Varney

    My 1962 Precision bass.

  • Tom Gilmour

    Supro Bass…Alembic AB-I-JB

  • Justin Wah

    Supro bass……Looks and sounds great. I’m just beginning but I can see myself going short eventually. I have not much knowledge of basses, let alone vintage style.
    But I really like the look of the mij fender jazz basses circa 1980’s (is that vintage?) I read they made them in a shorter scale, 32″….

  • Alquin Eledana

    Supro Bass…1957 Fender Precision Bass

  • Elioth Xinastle

    Supro bass… teisco del rey EB-200

  • Stefan Bauer

    Supro bass… 1962 Fender Jazz Bass

  • Katja Wesch

    Supro bass… 1967 Höfner Violin Bass

  • Supro bass… Fender squire p bass.

  • Ian Farquhar

    Supro Bass… Pre CBS precision bass. Happy Christmas Scott and all you other bassists.

  • Jerry Hajek Jr.

    Supro Bass: Fender P Base. I keep coming back to the P Bass especially in a live setting.

  • Jay Lamb

    Supro Bass…Epiphone Viola bass. Woody tone for days!

  • Conrad Nichols

    Supro Bass… 1976 Rickenbacker 4001 in Translucent Walnut

  • Pete Lundrigan

    Supra Bass … Fender Precision

  • Matt Soares

    Supro Bass … Alembic Series I

  • Alex Pétridès

    Supro bass… AMPEG AUB-1

  • Jamie Kyllo

    Supro bass . . . Harmony H-22, a great short scale bass with a fantastic DeArmond pickup

  • Henry Matos

    Supro Bass…been playing a few months and having a great time…do not know squat about vintage basses but would love to get my hands on the Supro Bass…would be a lot easier with my stubby fingers…

  • Eduardo Cubría

    Supro Bass… Fender Jazz Bass!!!

  • Claudio Perrone (Agile Sensei)

    Supro bass… Fender 1959 Precision Bass :-)

  • Volker Kaul

    Supro Bass…Fender 1959 Precision Bass

  • Tarey Wolf

    Supro Bass….Fender 1959 Precision Bass

  • Monki Monki

    Supro Bass … Rickenbacker 4001. Love the characteristic sound and it just looks THE COOLEST. Nice review Scott, thanks!

  • Howard Chaitoff

    Supro Bass…Rick 4000 and Peavey T-45. Love the low end.

  • Rick Abshier

    Supro Bass… Fender Modern Player Short Scale Jazz Bass

  • Supro Bass… Don’t really know any fancy old basses, but I like Ibanez’s new SRH500F

  • John Murphy

    Supro Bass…Fender Marcus Miller Jazz bass