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The Gary Willis Approach #2 (L#63)

This is part 2 of my bass lessons about what I call 'The Gary Willis approach', in which I'm talking about a specific lesson Gary and I went through together when I was studying with him.

If you haven't seen the 1st part of this lesson, please go check it out, otherwise you'll most certainly wonder what on earth I'm talking about!

What we're gonna do is work on substituting major pentatonics on the minor 7th chords, using the standard Blue Bossa.

Translation… The first two bars of Blue Bossa consist of a C minor chord. Over this C minor chord, we're gonna use the first substitution I talked about in part 1, which is the major pentatonic a minor 3rd above the root note of the chord. In this case, the chord being a C minor, we're gonna play an Eb major pentatonic scale.

Then we've got two bars of F minor. So we're gonna do exactly the same and play an Ab major pentatonic scale, etc. 'Etc.' meaning that this stuff looks much more complicated in writing than it is in reality so, if I've managed to whet your appetite and not discourage you, what about watching this long video? ;)

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  • Neil

    Scott great information. Plus a killin’ solo at the end of the lesson. Thank you.


  • AJ

    Thankx Scott, ur the reason for my great and better bass playing, over the last 8 months i can see a tremendous improvement in my playing style, and also my knowledge on the bass and music in general, ur teaching methods really suits me, and i bet it will suit 99% of bass players- its casual, fun, cool and very detailed. Plus i salute to ur continuous updates on lessons and i say may u live for another million years.

  • Francesco

    as above, thanks very very much for your great job!
    All the best for you,

  • jason

    I’ve used major penatonics to improvise over minor chords for years but this video blew my approach out of the water. Way to take my understanding to the next level and that was a beautiful solo at the end there. As always, well done Scott.
    Thank you,