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The Importance of Melody (L#64)

This lesson is all about melody! As bass players, we generally play… bass lines most of the time, rather than melodies. So if you're not used to soloing, it can be a pretty scary experience at first, because you're not used to playing melodies.

Even if you know all your scales, arpeggios, etc. you probably won't know what to do with them when you first start soloing. Everything will probably sound very rigid, simply because… you're not used to playing melodies!

So, let's take a well-known melody and see what we can get out of it. We'll start playing the melody completely straight with the metronome --that is without 'pushing' or 'pulling' and, when we're comfortable with that, I'll show you what I mean by pushing and pulling against the metronome.

Then you can take any melody that comes to your mind and play with it in the same way. Not only is that fun, but it will improve your soloing big time!

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  • ed

    this is me im really having difficulty in soloing i know arpeggios, scales,modes but no idea how and when to use it.. Thanks to Scott. You are incredible and awesome. Thank you again.

  • Joshua

    Hi Scott, How you doing? Your teaching method is awesome I must say. Thanks for the online stuff, I appreciate them alot.

  • Patrick

    Ex-cel-lent lesson !
    Thanx Scott
    3 thumbs up !

  • Whiting EJ MT1(SS) USN ret

    One can not know to much about Melody and Harmony…excellent presentation…well done…

  • Carlos

    Great vid and great lesson!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Michael

    Hey Scott, great lesson as always! I was wondering, could you suggest some other songs that have melodic bass solos that i could try to learn? Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Jonny

    ive learned so much from you in the last 2 days! incredible lessons, thanks!!!!

  • Ghandimaster

    Wow I have head like baloon now. I thought that melody is made by special selection of notes one by one not changing by rythm. I cant play simple bass line yet so maybe this is quite difficult lessons for me now. I will come to this vid later.