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Ultimate hack for learning and *USING* the modes…


Are you confused with what the modes are… or, how you can actually use them in a real musical setting?!

I was for a LONG time until I found the exercise I’m going to show you in the this lesson.

I’ve also got a VERY special guest with me in the new lesson… one of my favourite all time bass players. Ever. I’d go as far to say he’s one of the most musical and lyrical soloists on the bass I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, let’s do this…

As always, I’d love to hear about you’re experiences too - my feeling is that although many players know what the modes are - most struggle with applying them in a practical way to their bass lines, grooves, fills and solo lines. But… lemme know what you’re experiences are under the video in the comments!

See you in the shed,

Scott :)

PS. We’ve got a new feature here at ScottsBassLessons… Introducing the SBL Student Spotlight series.

We decided it’d be cool to share some of our student’s stories to highlight the awesome things some of our students are doing. This week we published our first one with the always grooving Maddie Jay.

  • Nick Rollings

    Does that mean C Dorian is the second mode of D scale? Thanks.

  • Jon Jimenez

    I wanted to share this video with you. It is helping my tie together what have learned about scales and modes on SBL. Once I learned the big pattern on Anthony Wellington’s “7-string bass”, I was able to remember where to go on my 4-string. Integrating this into the 3 different finger positions that you advocate was eye-opening for me and I can go much faster now.

  • Stuart Rankin

    Loving the lishhp! ¦0)
    Hows the teeth!?

    • Mike Lorenzo

      WTF. Free lessons from a master and this is your comment?

  • Mike Lorenzo

    Scott your lessons are always excellent but I have a particular problem which others share I’m sure. I have a lot of skills but memorization is not one of them. I’ve been struggling with this forever as it applies to all the theory applications like this lesson. I process information visually if the instructions do not present something I can visualize the lesson vanishes. I can memorize images though. I post this because I think I’m not alone. Would you be able to address this in a future lesson. Thanks for what you do. Mike “Doc”