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Scott’s Solo Bass Sessions – ‘Autumn Leaves’

I received such a great response from my first solo arrangement for bass, "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin, that I decided it was time to release another single...

This is my solo rendition of Autumn Leaves by Johnny Mercer.

I'm a huge fan of this song and recommend all my students learn to play it as it's a great way to dip your toe into the world of jazz. Unfortunately because so many students use it as one of their first study pieces it has been labelled as a jazz standard that is only played by beginners, and that's really unfortunate as it's such a beautiful song. This was the reason I picked it as my next solo arrangement - to show that it can be performed in many ways, and is certainly not "just for beginners".

It was recorded on my signature Overwater 5 string, strung E-C, direct into the desk using the neck pickup only.

You can also download this single totally free too. All I ask for in payment is… good karma! But if you really want to help me out, I’d love it if you passed this single on or forwarded a link to this video to anyone you thought might enjoy it!

See you in the shed!

Scott :)

PS. I’ve received a ton of email since the first single was released asking whether I’d ever be creating a course covering how to play chords on the bass and how to master chordal arrangement. Well… the simple answer is… yes I will!

I’ll be releasing a full course covering chords into The Academy at the end of November. If you’re already an Academy member this course will be added to your membership automatically as soon as it’s released. If you’re not already a member… shoot over here and check out The Academy for yourself.

Full tab/notation & workbook available to Academy members »

Click Here to Download This Single

  • gilles

    Beautiful song, I like the way you play it. Cheers Scott.

  • jef62

    Absolutely as beautiful as ANYTHING else I have heard.

  • John Sippell

    Wow beautiful tone, flawless playing and arranging. Very inspiring, thanks!

  • Gary

    Very nice Scott! Your playing is so smooth & melodic!

  • Dave D

    When are we going to get an album, this should be out there for anyone to listen to, absolutely beautiful, thanks Scott

  • Paul Traynor

    Nice playing

  • Kilted Monkey

    Scott, when are you going to release a solo album? (2015 perhaps?) I am really loving the tracks you’re posting. Gives me something to aspire to. Cheers!

  • That’s just so nice, and so different to the way I usually hear it played. I’m going to get my old 5-strong Yamaha out of the loft and restrung EADGC now!

  • jef62

    Awesome ! Beautifully executed

  • diegomuino

    Loved your interpretation

  • Amanda Clement Barber

    This is what it is all about to me. I want to learn how to do it.