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Darkglass M900 Unboxing and Giveaway!

A brand new bass head just arrived at the studio (it's REALLY cool!)...

So, I thought I'd do an 'unboxing' video for you and put this new head through its paces to see what it can handle! ;)

Make sure you watch ALL of the video... because I'm giving this new amp head away (the full details of the giveaway are in the video).

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

PS. Enter the giveaway... all you need to do is watch the video and follow the instructions. You'll need the link to our YouTube channel after you've watched the video - so here it is.

  • Matt Hanson

    Great review. Dave McMillan (BigWreck) would be my suggestion for creating a course

  • Andrew Routh

    I don’t recall one with Geddy Lee; that would be cool.

  • Edward Christian

    I think bobby vega would be a good one! ☺

  • Martin Giroux

    geddy lee would be awsome

  • David Morales

    It would be great to see Saya Grey do a lesson

  • Tom Buck

    Michael shuman from queens of the Stone Age. “I appear missing” has a great bass line

  • juallhuce

    John Stockman from Karnivool

  • jonro

    Flea, from RHCP.

  • Tony Lopez (Tlo)

    Led Claypool would be off the chain

  • Joel Dierks

    Derek Frank would be cool! Not necessarily metal but very versatile.

  • Jasper Störningar

    Markus Grosskopf of Helloween for sure!

  • George Ochsenreither

    How about Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)?

  • Brad Example

    ooohhhhs and aaaaahs…. I would love Lou Barlow to teach a few lessons… he is a great, really unique player.

  • Adrian Stroud

    I would go for Billy Sheehan.

  • Jeremy Patey

    Robert Trujillo

  • Stephen Graham

    Jonathan Stoyanoff, cool with jazz and other stuff. Great teacher. Sacramento, Ca

  • dave

    Geddy Lee

  • J.C. Morris

    well…all the ones I would like to see a lesson and their take on things have been mentioned,,Geddy Lee, Robert Trujillo, Billy Sheehan, Les Claypool. But if I had to pick one, it would be Les Claypool.. very unique/ different player….

  • Gilles Fichou

    Robert Trujillo.

  • Sam Barry

    Mike Kerr, Royal Blood. The manipulation of amp selections through a triage amp selector to emulate the sound of other instruments is definitely a versatile untapped approach to rock music and the direction it’s heading in for the future of the style.

  • Alex Birks

    Dirk Lance from Incubus, any day of the week. Miss hearing that guy’s playing so much.

  • Bjørn Haugseth

    I would love to see Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, allways been a hero to me. Bjorn Haugseth, Norway.

  • Kamil Tomek

    John Myung, definitely. To get some progress done.

  • Ivo Bucher

    Gary Willis!

  • Zaffy Zaffy

    I’d Love to see steve harris 🤘🏼

  • Christian Tophøj Buur

    I would love to see either Jon Stockman from Karnivool or the Danish bassist/educator, Jannik Jensen do a course for SBL!

  • Austin Davis

    Definitely Mike Kerr. The guy is crazy talented and knows his gear!

  • Morgan Solt

    I think Shavo Odadjian is really an innovative player. he plays/writes for System of a Down. He uses lots of different tones, clean, clacky, fat, distorted. He is super in sync with the drummer. Just a great musician we would all love to hear more about!

  • Jay Nelis

    Mike Kerr from The Royal Blood…very unique style

  • Stuart bevan

    Brian Marshall .. alterbridge .. just love the way he plays … so laid back but in the zone

  • Peter Jansen

    I would like to see mr. Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian, Vengeance). He is a great bassplayer en loves to freak on the bass as well.

  • Luis Bass

    Geddy Lee and jeff ament

  • Maribel Hernandez

    Definitely Evan Brewer. Composes beautiful melodic and progressive bass lines. A big inspiration for me. The beginning of this video reminded me of his album Alone.

  • Carlos José RC

    Christopher Wolstenholme from Muse. Great bass lines using lots of pedals and effects.

  • Tim Lindskoog

    Christopher Wolstenholme would be my first choice, but I would Imagine he’d be pretty hard to get in the shed. Brian Marshall from Alter Bridge/Creed would be a great choice as well, and less expensive. The dudes knows their stuff!

  • Kelly Smith

    Robert DeLeo of STP. Interesting bass lines. Great tone. His playing stood out in the era of grunge.

  • Ole Vasball Bendiksen

    Pino Palladino or Lee Sklar , would be interesting :)

  • Alex Webster. Amazing bassist and songwriter.

  • Matt Whipps


  • Brady Busching

    Geddy Lee or Colin Edwin!

  • MichaelPerkins

    GEDDY LEE! Thanks

  • Jorge Perez

    I have to say Paul McCartney

  • chris fox

    Robert Trujillo, now in Metallica but played some awesome stuff in Infectious grooves and suicidal tendancies

  • Dan Clinton

    Geddy Lee

  • Danconn

    Geddy Lee would be awesome.

  • Cory Tarallo

    For sure Christopher Wolstenholme, and /or Ryan Martinie

  • uwrossl

    Tim LeFebvre. Not only does he kill in the rock world with Tedeschi Trucks, he’s into all kinds of crazy Avante Garde and jazz as well. Really dig his phrasing.

  • Jared Loucks

    Martin Mendez of Opeth. Dude has some of my favorite bass phrasings

  • Terry Sprott

    Spider Sinnaeve, well respected Canadian bass player for Loverboy and Streetheart. Check out his work on remake of Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones during his Streetheart days. If you want a lesson on using the whole fretboard, this would be right up there.🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  • Jason Tidball

    Love the amp…thanks for the demo! I would like to see Flea teaching a class on SBL.

  • Davide Natale

    I think Jeroen Paul Thesseling would be a great teacher!

  • Ben Johnson

    I’d love to see Charlie Jones on SBL – he’s put a really interesting slant on rock bass playing with Page and Plant and Goldfrapp (and he plays a see-though bass – how cool is that!?)

  • Mario Young

    Duff McKagen would be awesome!

  • Matthew Hamilton

    How about Les Claypool

  • Wojciech Halamski

    Steve Harris please! :D A true legend!

  • Jeff Fryett

    Nathan East! About as likely as me winning the amp! :)

  • Wolfgang Kanditt

    Yeah FLEA would be great….

  • Jeremy Morris

    Roger Glover – though if you could get Prakash John that would be the dogs…..

  • Micula Ruben

    John Myung would be really nice! :)

  • David Birtwhistle

    Nate Mendel as I doubt you could get Robert Trujillo, both have the heavy touch.

  • Booda

    As much as I would love to see Robert Trujillo or even (the now semi-retired) Geddy, I would like to see someone who can bridge the gap (and explain why) between Jazz, Classical, and Metal like David Ellefson or John Myung.

  • Rochy

    I think David Ellefson from Megadeth would be a great balance between rock and metal, old school and new, and appeal to a lot of people. One of the most iconic bass riffs in metal – Peace Sells (

  • Стас Фастов

    Geddy Lee, John Myung

  • Danny Aipassa

    Jerry “Wizzard” Seay, bassist of Mother’s Finest!!

  • Miloslav Kitner

    Christopher Wolstenholme or Robert Trujillo

  • Larry Neubauer

    Bryan Beller

  • Jim Collins

    Oteil Burbridge

  • Sebastián Giménez

    Robert Trujillo

  • Orz James Chang


  • Szilveszter Sabo

    Hmm … Ryan Martinie

  • Mike Lorenz

    Tim Commerford all day long

  • The Slackster

    John Paul Jones, surely (and who plays into 2 ohms !? Not me – call me old fashioned ifulike).

  • Gary Sachs

    Thanks for the great review. I will probably be disqualified from winning because I have several Rock bassists that I think would be great. Some that I am aware of that do teach seminars or lessons I have marked with a *t.
    Bobby Vega (*t) Stu Hamm (*t) Lee Sklar (*t)
    Pino Paladino Flea Nathan East
    Carol Kaye (*t – currently teaches lessons via Skype)
    Chuck Rainey (*t) Oteil Burbridge Abe Laboriel (*t)

  • Barry van Boven

    Les Claypool please

  • Иван Липатов

    I’d love to see a course with Steve Di Giorgio. Fretless rules!

  • Sheriff Stu-Bacca

    Les Claypool

    I know he’s not strictly rock but he is a rocker and a mean bassist to say the least! ¦0)

  • Chris Bewley

    Dave Hollingworth from Dorje & Toska. ambient rock/metal and an all round awesome person. Adam Nolly Getgood would be a find choice also.

  • Lonny Monday

    Jorgen Carlsson from Gov’t Mule. Groove, bottom and lead, dude does it all. Thanks

  • strathamer

    Hey guys ! John Paul Jones would be a great choice ! Thanks to you for giving us a chance to win that gear and keep up the good work ;-)