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Recommended Listening

There are so many albums I could recommend, the list would just be too long. Due to this I've decided to list the albums that really inspired me as a bass player... all my favorite bassists! Over the last fifteen years i've pretty much transcribed most of the bass lines and solos on all of these albums and I can't recommend this practice enough. Listen to the guys that inspire you... work out how they do it!

Album: Allan Holdsworth 'Hard Hat Area' - Bassist: Skuli Sverrisson

This is 'the' most important album in my development as a musician, in fact it was the reason I started to play bass. Skuli Sverrisson has been my biggest influence and in my opinion is one of the most unique and talented players on the planet. And a super nice guy! For sheer jaw dropping bass playing you have to get this album!!!

Album: Ben Monder 'excavation' - Bassist: Skuli Sverrisson

You have to commit to this album, it's very complex. I've yet to listen to the whole thing straight through - i'd be worn out by the end! Absolutely stellar bass playing!

Album: Brad Shepik 'The Well' - Bassist: Skuli Sverrisson

This is ANOTHER great representation of Skuli Sverrisson's playing. His tone on this album is truly beautiful. Just what I like... loads of solo's!


Album: Gary Willis 'Bent' - Bassist: Gary Willis

Gary Willis... If you haven't heard this guy your missing out... one of the most influential bass players of the last twenty years. This album has some great transcribing material on it. One of the tunes is a minor blues which gives us a chance to hear Gary play over a sequence many of us know so we can try and get a grip on his harmonic approach to soloing.

Matt Garrison 'Live'/'Shapeshifter/Matthew Garrison - Bassist: Matt Garrison

What can I say... Awesome bass player! Massive influence on me! In my opinion Matt was the first of the new generation of 'super bassists'. Guys like Janek Gwizdala and Hadrien Feraud owe so much to Matt Garrison. One of my favorite players ever.




Album: Steve Swallow 'Real Book' - Bassist: Steve Swallow

Steve Swallow is a true individual. His tone and touch on the bass are instantly recognizable. To this day he is one of the only electric bass players that play in a true 'jazz' type context. This album is my favorite representation of his playing and composing and the band are off the hook!


Album: Steve Swallow 'Deconstructed' - Bassist: Steve Swallow

Another fantastic Steve Swallow album. This guys walking bass feel is ridiculously good!


Album: Michel Camilo 'One More Once' - Bassist: Anthony Jackson

This is the first album I bought that had the great Anthony Jackson playing on it. To this day this album blows me away. The bass playing on this album is what it's all about. If you haven't heard this album you need to get it!


Album: Michel Camilo 'Through my eyes' - Bassists: Anthony Jackson/Lincoln Goines

This album is one of my favorites. The bass chair is shared evenly by Jackson and Goines. The great thing about the album is that it's a trio - you can hear the interaction between the players throughout.


Album: Alain Caron 'Conversations' - Bassist: Alain Caron

Again, one of my favorite bassists. A true virtuoso of the instrument. This is my favorite album of his and has a more traditional type flavor than his usual fusion type backdrop. fretless players... watch out!


Tony Grey - 'Chasing Shadows'/'Moving'/'Unknown Angels' - Bassist: Tony Grey

A great bassist from the UK (although now lives in the US). Great tone and touch with some serious groove!




Janek Gwizdala - 'Mystery to me'/'Live at the 55 bar'/Space Inbetween

Janek is another bass player originally from the UK but now living in the US. This guy is a great bassist, great composer and always has great bands! Definitely worth checking out.