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In Conversation with Evan Marien – The Improvisers Mind

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About This Episode

In today’s podcast Evan Marien lifts the lid on his brand-new course for the SBL.

A recent addition to the SBL faculty, Evan Marien has been turning heads ever since he was named as an ‘Exciting New Player’ in Bass Player Magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards poll (he actually made the top 3 alongside Esperanza Spalding and Hadrien Feraud!). Aside from joining what would become guitarist Allan Holdsworth’s final tour back in April 2017, and unveiling his latest solo release as EMAR, Evan has also been busy creating content for SBL and his latest course is now live within our course library! If you're already a member you have instant access to the new course. Click here to get started! If you're not a member yet, no sweat, just grab your 14 day free trial here and you'll be good to go!

In this episode you're going to learn:

  • All about Evan’s new course for SBL.
  • How he approaches improvisation.
  • Why he decided to study with guitarist Wayne Krantz.
  • How you can become a better improviser.
  • And much, much more…

Listen to Evan in Action:

Find Evan here:

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