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In Conversation with Gary Willis – Always Keeping The Groove

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About This Episode

In today’s podcast we catch up with fretless bass phenomenon Gary Willis.

If you ever stop to wonder how a world-class musician stays at the top of their game for so long, then look no further than bassist and composer Gary Willis for your answer. Gary has created a unique style of fretless playing that can stretch notes into impossibly rich swells of tone. Perhaps best known as co- founder of jazz fusion outfit Tribal Tech, his depth of groove and articulation is just staggering.

His involvement in the educational side of music has also been a long-standing one, having written several books including Fingerboard Harmony For Bass, Ultimate Ear Training For Guitar And Bass and 101 Bass Tips – he also teaches at the prestigious Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya music conservatory near his home in Spain, where he’s been resident since 2004.

In this episode you're going to learn:

  • All about Gary’s new Groove A Day iOS app.
  • About his vision for the role of the bass.
  • Why it’s the rhythm section’s responsibility to establish a groove.
  • About Tribal Tech’s vocabulary for jamming.
  • And much, much more…

Listen to Gary in Action:

Find Gary here:

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Thanks so much for listening. I’m committed to serving you guys… and as always, see you in the shed!

Scott :)

  • Harrison

    Downloaded the app. Gary, I know you probably got advice on the pricing from somone, but in my opionion, this is overpriced. It’s a nice looking app, well produced and designed with good controls. The idea of a Groove a Day is brilliant. And I appreciate this. It really pushes our practice. But at 1.00 a track it’s entirely too much. I’m suggesting .25 per track, which would still yield you 90.50 for your app, which is much more in line with what most practicing/working musicians can afford and are wililng to pay for a music app, software, program or course. Think about it, once you’ve done the work it’s essentially passive income that you can enjoy. But if it doesn’t sell, it’ll be like an overpriced home on the market and it won’t take long before someone else creates something like it that will be much less. This is all said with great respect, so forgive me if I come across too bold.