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In Conversation with Ruth Goller – Punk Jazz

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About This Episode

In today’s podcast Ruth Goller talks us through her inspired bass work with some of the coolest names on the London jazz scene.

Ruth has been a regular presence on the London jazz scene for several years now, toting a Fender Mustang and performing with a wide variety of bands including The Moss Project, Let Spin and punk-jazz rockers Acoustic Ladyland. Yet for all her jazz knowledge, Ruth’s unfussy technique favours sparse plectrum work over busy fingerstyle. Her background is distinctly non-jazz, and in spite of having chops to spare, an attitude of ‘less is more’ informs everything that she plays.

In this episode you're going to learn:

  • All about Ruth’s cultural heritage and her early love of hardcore punk.
  • What it takes to hold down the bass chair in Acoustic Ladyland.
  • How she found her way into improvised music.
  • And much, much more…

Listen to Ruth in Action:

Find Ruth here:

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