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Don’t make these 2 slap bass mistakes!

Slap bass... we ALL love it, right?

If you're aiming at being a pro bass player, being able to play a great slap bass line is essential and something that you'll be expected to do for certain songs and styles.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share what I believe to be the 2 BIG slap bass mistakes I see countless bass players making.

As always, I want hear back from you guys... make sure you let me know whether you've either made or are currently making these mistakes in the comments under the video.

Ooo... and I also announce the winner of the Darkglass Alpha Omega pedal competition too...

See you in the shed,

Scott :)

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  • (woodbass)

    Where’s the PDF for this lesson?

  • Alicia ten Dam

    I don’t understand the PDF transcripiion: if it is a D flat riff, why are they only 4 # on the key (like for a E scale) and not 5 of them? I’m all mixed up…

    • Dominick Lauria

      Dbm is the relative minor of E major so it has the same key signature as E with 4 sharps. Both of these scales have the exact same notes – its just the starting note (root) is different. E major scales starts with the E note, Db minor scales starts with the Db note.You can find the relative minor of any major scale by going down three half-steps (frets) lower. Another example, Am is the relative minor of C major. If you start on the 8th fret of the E string (C note) and go down (lower) 3 frets you wind up on the 5th fret which is an A note. C major scale is C D E F G A B while A minor scale has same notes but different order D E F G A B C.

      • Alicia ten Dam

        Got it! Many thanks, this helps a lot. (I don’t know why I was stuck on a Dbm in a Dorian mode instead of the relative minor).

      • cj

        technically, that is incorrect. Db minor is the relative minor to Fb major; that’s why the above comment says it would be a key signature with eight flats!

        C# minor is the relative to E major, hence the 4 sharps.

    • Michael Barnett

      I think he meant to say C# minor. While Db minor sounds the same as C# minor, you would never write it out because there would be 8 flats in the key signature.

  • Max Lian

    Can I suggest that when a lesson features a particular song, or artist, that you mention that in the description? As a rule, I’m not a fan of slap bass, but I forced myself to watch this. What a thrill to learn that it featured Meshell Ndegeocello, one of my favourite bassists!

  • s game

    Hi, I’m having difficulty getting the PDF for this lesson?
    Is it available anywhere?

  • Gilles Graton

    You are the very best instructor I’ve never had so far, thank you sooooo much! :D

  • PK

    Dots and tabs… anyway, great lesson. I’ve struggled with slap since forever. I learned on a fretless and I’m intrigued by you glove. Info please?