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SLAP BASS… and my crazy fast triplet pattern thing…?


Ok… let’s talk … SLAP BASS! ;)

I’ve just released a brand new video where I’m going to show you 4 cool slap hacks that really helped me get my slap bass chops together…

I’m talking about arm rotation, positioning, fretting hand percussive strikes (mastering these are super helpful!)… and a crazy fast triplet pattern I do - it’s a heap of fun!

Ooo… and we’ve also got the phenomenal bassist Rufus Philpot with us in the studio recording a brand new course for SBL… in this video you’re going to see what’s going on behind the scenes + Rufus gives us run down of his brand new Moollon jazz bass… it’s orange… my favourite colour!

I love to hear from you guys in the comments… so let me know what’s been your biggest challenge with getting your own slap bass technique together…

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

PS. If you’re a member over at we’ve also just released a brand new course into our course library…

Introducing “Slap Bass Fundamentals” with SBL’s very own Phil Mann.

This course has been specifically created for beginner and intermediate bass players who want to get started with slap bass - but also expands into styles that were popularised by players such as Larry Graham and Louis Johnson.

In short, there’s over 2 hours of jam packed footage - it’s step by step - and you’re going to LOVE it!

It’s out NOW… so if you’re a member you can login and get started today, and if you’re not a member yet you can grab your 14 day free trial here.

  • Leon Wallace

    I like this guy, Rufus…