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Academy Faculty:

Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson is known globally as a bass player at the forefront of solo bass guitar. In fact Steve was one of a handful of bass players responsible for carving the path many others have began to follow.

He has released a number of albums including solo works and various duets. All of these feature live looping of multiple layers using both traditional and non-traditional bass generated sounds. He has toured around the world, from opening for acts such as Level 42 right through to solo a duet gigs with other bassists such as Michael Manring.

To top all of this off, Steve is an incredible educator and a true inspiration to bass players and musicians around the globe.

Steve… somewhere in Europe!

Here’s Steve talking through his effects and looping setup.

Steve Lawson – Harmonic Development for Bassline improvisation – 06.30.2015

Steve Lawson hosts another seminar.  This time on Harminic Development for Bassline Improvisations.

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Steve Lawson – Rhythmic Heresy – 10.17.2015

Steve Lawson hosts another seminar this time for the SBL Live weekend. Steve discusses Rhythmic Heresy

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Steve Lawson – It’s All in The Detail – 12.07.2015

Steve Lawson Hosts another seminar for the Academy. Steve discusses how its all in the detail

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Sunday Roast – SBL Live 2016 – 04.10

Scott hosts the Sunday Roast Ariane Cap, Steve Lawson and Todd Johnson join him in discussing all things bass.

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