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Why ALL Bass Players *Should* Use a Pick


If you’ve been playing bass for any length of time you’ll already know that there’s a lot of controversy around the whole “bass players using a pick” argument…

Well, in this video I want to talk about why all bass players *SHOULD* use a pick.

But… I can back it up ;)

I'm also going to show you some cool pick exercises too that have been super useful for me in terms of getting my pick playing together.

Ooo… and in this video we’ve also got the amazing Cody Wright in the studio with us out here in Brooklyn… he gives you a tour of his pedal board and shows you some killer sounds he’s getting from it…

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

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  • Terry Copley

    35 years of non stop club bands has taken its toll on my fingers ( arthritis ) I am now trying to use a pick after those years of finger playing…thank for thiis !