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Ghost Notes on Bass (Part 2) (L#41)

In the first part of this lesson on ghost notes on bass, I showed you three different ways to mute the strings. If you haven't seen this lesson, please watch it before this one, unless you feel you're already a professional string muter ;).

In this lesson, I'm showing you a little groove in Bb to put that into practice. I'm taking you through this groove to help you get really comfortable getting your dead notes from different areas and really feel the flow with your right hand. All this has to be really fluid to sound great.

Once you've got the two parts of this groove under your fingers, you can try playing it over a metronome or drum machine.

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  • jim andrews

    were did you fine your backup tracks to play along with ? thank you Jim

  • Keep up the great work on your website. I have learned quite a few things already. I have ben taking bass guitar lessons for a few years but my teacher insists that I know how to read music very well and to count as well. The things he has not taught me is jazz improvisation or soloing. What are your thoughts on this?

    • scott

      Mmmm… hard to say George – Maybe he is not a jazz or improvisation fan? Reading is quite important and great to learn but it’s only a small part of the bigger picture. Cheers, Scott.

  • Kavi Chandra Mouli

    Thanks for this great lesson Scott. I’ve been playing on and off for 2-3 years now and had neared the brink of giving up until I found your website.

    I’ve promised myself to put in a structured schedule like you suggested in one of your videos and I’m starting with this bass lesson(after I’m done with Part 1 of course :)).

    This groove reminds of… “The Chicken” by Jaco. Hopefully this lesson will take me one step closer to learning that song.

  • Emanuele

    Hi Scott, I can’t understand the second two ghost notes if you play them on the A or E string. On the A string sound better for me. Let me know if I miss something. The first 3 dead notes are on the A stirng, I get it. Thank you as always.
    All the best

  • Excellent,

    Really struggling with ghost notes, ironically, from your other lesson 66.

    Can get the majority of the groove, but the ghost notes can really throw your brain off for timing because you are concentrating on the notes themselves.

    Thanks for that lesson. That was great!

  • peter adler

    Hi Scott, very good exercise, and I wonder why the Slide Bar in the Videoplayer is disabled here. It would be more convenient if I could listen to the portion I didn’t get yet and relisten again, instead of seeing the whole video again from the beginning.