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Killer Dynamics Exercise (L#65)

In this new bass lesson, I'm talking about right hand dynamics on the bass. Many bass players or students coming to me, haven't got particularly good dynamics --if any, and it's a very big flaw as we shall see.

Don't worry… looking into my past, I definitely suffered from this as well, which reminded me of a somewhat painful anecdote I'm sharing with you in this video ;).

Basically, having poor dynamics equates to speaking in a monotonous voice: it's a real communication killer! If you want to express something on the bass, you must work on your dynamics. I'm giving you cues and exercises...

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  • Hi Scott,

    Love your lessons! With this lesson in mind, what’s your view on using compression?

    • scott

      Hey man, I use compression sometimes – but only a little… it’s like salt – a little is fine but too much and it sucks! ;)

      • Mihai

        regarding the compression.. do you suggest different levels of compression during gigs? i mean – if i get to practice enough to have a sound in a matter of LEVEL – then yes, i could use little compression. but if i slap or play inconsistently, i need a stronger compression. and off goes the dynamics…

        what is the compromise? or just solution: lots of practice?

        great video!

  • Skeeter

    Like it….the difference between a technician and a musician…

  • Paul Bromhead

    I’m a newbie Scott, I’ve been playing since mid January and I’ve learned loads of stuff the last couple of nights … Stuff I haven’t come across in lots of books I’ve got….. Thanks man :-). I’m on BC and I’ve found you from there

  • Klassik

    Were you looking for the word velocity? :o) Great drill! I’m going to practice this one every night for the next few weeks.

  • Marlon

    This is very helpful information for me as a beginner.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • Benjamin Boateng

    Thanks Scott, you are really a Bass model. I have been watching all the beginers videos which has really made me flexible with my bass guitar. I which i got this site earlier. Thanks Scott.

  • Enrico Hendro

    so basically when we play the right hand dynamics, we could avoid the monotone sound?? (i mean with the same bass line like root and fifth)

    • scott

      That’s it! S ;)

  • Harvey

    Great lesson

  • Hi Scott,
    Love the lesson videos. I’m just getting back into playing bass after a 10 year break. Always wanted to get back into it, but thought it would be a long way off until my Fiancé surprised me with a gift voucher for my 40th birthday at New Year! Now I’m back in the groove so to speak, but finding it quite hard to get the speed and dexterity back, and indeed correct all the things I did wrong when I played before. Namely anchoring my right thumb on the pickups! Trying to get to grips with the floating/anchored thumb technique with no name… Your lessons are really helping though.

    My goal this year is to take my RockSchool grades and if possible climb all the way to Grade 8 by the end of the year so I can start teaching local kids etc… What’s your view on their grading system?



  • Frank

    Scott, just discovered your site, great stuff! As a left handed guy who plays right handed bass, this right hand lesson is awesome. Thanks for helping a self-taught microwave chef get better! :)

  • Vincent

    Bad son ! Answer your dad by any means :) ;)

  • Very impressive lesson.

    One of the fundamentals of playing guitar and bass is mastering the control of individual notes on top of the mechanical process of actually playing them.

  • Shlomo Bass

    Yup, dynamics is what makes the instrument sing.