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Learn how to play walking bass lines… in less than 10 minutes!

Learning how to play walking bass lines was the most important skill I ever worked on in terms of talking my bass playing to the next level. Period.

  • It helped me understand and use arpeggios in a practical and musical way (i.e. NOT just running aimlessly up and down 2 octave arpeggios
  • It helped me understand harmony upon the fingerboard in a much deeper way
  • It VASTLY improved my visualisation of arpeggios and scales
  • It took my understanding and skills of creating bass lines and grooves to a completely different level
  • And WAY more... much more than I could ever write here.

In fact, if you were to ask me what the '1 thing' is, that you could practice and would make the biggest difference to your understanding of the fretboard and how to navigate around it with ease... it would be walking bass lines. As a learning tool, they're that powerful.

So... I thought this would be fun...

In this lesson I'm going to teach you how to play walking bass lines... in less than 10 minutes...

Yep... less than 10 minutes!

Now... are you ready for the challenge?

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

PS. If you enjoy this lesson, make sure you check out my 4+ hour "Beginning Jazz Survival Guide" here in the SBL course library.

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  • Jules Dukers

    Thanks! Jazz is one of the reasons I want to learn to play the bass. I have a band with some friends but rock basslines tend to be boring. I guess i’ll now focus on walking bass, it will really help me out with practising. Great lesson, as always.

  • Jules Dukers

    By the way, where can I get the backing tracks?

    • Nick Rollings

      Yes, trying to find backing track please.

      • Nick Rollings

        Actually i made my own in Chord Bot lite.

  • Bruce Murphy

    Great lesson, but were you recording a storm outside at the same time?

  • jonro

    Should we use the IIIb instead of the III for a minor chord?

  • Steve Collins

    Can I echo the request for the backing track that you mention in the video? :) Ta!

  • Angel Arnaudas

    Superuseful for a novice like me. You nailed this one Scott. Perhaps a bit boring for advanced players but i think it’s always good to be ‘back to the roots’ and refresh concepts, even if they seem too easy for some of you. Slight variations to the chord chart should be allowed for practice sake. Thanks for this lesson.

  • Bart A

    Tx Scott for this lesson, very usefull. I’m playing with a brand new accoustic bass :-) and looping bass is fun. the 3th determines the minor or major chords as you said, like Mib in Cm and Mi in C. I didn’ get it right from the spot first time in you explanation, but then I realized its all about how to play a walking bass progression eather then how talk a chord minor or major the right way.