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  • francis

    Great stuff Scott! As usual…
    Keep it up, we want more! ;-)

  • Joachim

    Well ! great lesson (as usual…!) and not a bad flash player indeed, the previous one was a little bit better (image quality, I like watching vids in full screen mode lol) but the sound’s still good.

  • jim andrews

    very interesting thanks

  • http://markroyandrew@yahoo.com Mark

    Love you stuff Scott – I’m a big fan. Unfortunately this doesn’t play on
    None flash devices, iPhone etc.

  • http://skiptaylor3@aol.com Skip

    The lesson helps a lot Scott – it allows me to hear the modes more clearly. Now if I could just remember the shapes. On another subject – do you have any tips for locating notes and navigating the fretboard? Becoming more familiar with the fretboard. Thanks for your dedication…


  • mikepinz

    great lesson.. thanks scott.. :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/BassBattle Bogdan

    Nice tip for practicing modes! Thank you!

  • JohnV

    Wonderfully clear explanation as always. Not sure if I can tell the difference, but the new player works fine and the bass sounds great. I guess it’s not so important in this fairly advanced subject area but it’s difficult to see your finger positions with this dark glove/ dark bass combo.

  • Candace

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for you service and passion for the bass. I’m a novice & your lessons are very helpful. Question: what exercise would you recommend to improve my frett transition. The sound is distorted when I play the A string.



  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TomOConnorBassGuitar Tom O’Connor

    Hey Scott
    I saw you play at bass day UK, and really loved your chordal bass playing.
    the videos are really good :) you have a very nice way of explaining things :)
    EADGC is the way forward !
    please check out my channel if you want?

    • scott

      Hey cheers man. Yeah, bass day was great! we need one every month lol! I’ll check out your channel. S

  • Candace

    It’s distorted all over the A string.

  • Mark Fretwell

    Hi Scott,

    Really enjoyed the lesson (I’ve signed up for the next), so thanks for that. Luckily, I found a teacher that was able to explain modes to me in a similar way to you, but I get it even more having had your take on it. I’ve recently started playing again after a 10 year break and only now have I started to learn theory, as I was always a ‘feel player’, playing by ear. I guess I could hear what it should be but I needed a map around rhe fingerboard to find it!

    Anyway, thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to the next one. By the way, what I’ve just heard you play, blew me away.



    • tim godwin

      Mark Fretwell from Middlesex Uni?

  • http://Scottsbasslessons.com Mike Brown

    Hey scott could you share some walking bass lines lessons, your lessons are very helpful and informative keep em comming Bro thanks

    • scott

      Hey man they’re on the way ;)

  • simeonwoodburn

    I would like to play bass so i need your help

  • Fran

    Oh, OK I got it. 2 5 1 . Any minor. Dom. Maj. Sequence.

  • diesel

    Thanks Scott for your explanation of modes. This seemed like rocket science at first. I’m a little bit clearer on them. It’s not really the conundrum I thought it to be. I need to put this stuff in to practice. I know if I do this physically it will make a lot more sense to me. Thank you again.

  • Clifton Jackson

    Thanks for this explanation of modes! I really liked the way you put it out! Very understandable!! Now, I can start to use them! This is a Big help to me!! Keep them coming! They are what is Wanted & Needed!!!

  • Peter Sangster

    The Mode lesson was great and not easy but I see where it’s going. This is a challenge for me to start using my little finger more and I notice I don’t have the strength in it that I would like. Suppose practice on these modes is a solution. Any other ideas Scott to strengthen this finger or further exercises?

    Don’t know about other people but I am always torn between proper practice and just winging it. Really I don’t have an excuse as I have done my share of winging rather than proper lessons. I am pretty sure though that I won’t improve left to my own devices so I will persevere. It’s not that bad; I mean compared to work :)

  • scott

    Hey John, the player is just temporary until I find something better. In the next modes video I’ll be using the jazz bass with maple neck so it’ll be easier to see my fingers. Thanks for posting in! Scott.

  • scott

    I’ll do a tutorial on this for you Skip. It’s on the list! ;) Scott.

  • scott

    Hey Mark, this player is just temporary for this video, so don’t worry I’ll be using something way better soon. Thanks for posting in Mark. Scott

  • scott

    Hey Candace… is the sound distorted all over the A string… does it distort when only plugged through an amp or when you play it unplugged too? S